How and When To Use #mymess

5 years ago

a beautiful mess is my story #mymess is yours.

What’s #mymess?

#mymess is way to to describe an awkward, funny, or embarrassing moment that happened to you or your “friend”;-) Quirky situations are also welcome. #mymess is about finding the humor in life, including life’s heavier stuff.

Who should use #mymess?

EVERYONE, so tell your grandma.  But if you’re like me, you’re probably the type of person who always seems to find food in their hair.  Ketchup!? But I didn’t eat ketchup today...#mymess

When is it appropriate to use #mymess?

Always. I’m a firm believer anything in life can and should be laughed at.  Nothing should be off the table, including things like death, cancer, or race. I believe that if done right and with taste, even the most taboo topics can be funny. LOL funny.  Maybe, if we start laughing we can start talking about things that normally make us uncomfortable.  Maybe.

Why you should use #mymess?

#mymess reminds us to find the humor in life, particularly in difficult situations. Because sometimes in the midst of life’s chaos what we really want and need, is a good chuckle.  Personally, I’m a chortle-r, get it from my dad.  Besides, laughing at yourself is important.  Nothing is sexier than a person who can own their mess.  Embrace your mess and help others embrace theirs.

Example of #mymess moment:

@aliberlinski Yesterday, while trying to make a fishing analogy I inadvertently told my boss I was a hooker.  #mymess

That’s my twitter account. Feel free to tweet/follow and spread the #mymess gospel because life should be laughed at.


Pst! Down here! Got more questions? I have answers!

What does #mymess look like?

Like this…soundtrack-bridget-jones-s-diary-17035

What does #mymess taste like?

Like fruit salad, when you mix up the sugar with the salt jar.

What does #mymess smell like?

Like an old car-air-freshener and taco bell.  Odd yet nostalgic and therefore wonderful.

What does #mymess feel like?

Pure unadulterated joy, because you know how to laugh at life’s misfortunes.

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