Horse Tattoos Explained

9 months ago
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Tattoos are one of the most diverse, yet common, forms of art. Three in ten Americans have a least one. They can range from personal meaning, to relational meaning, to even a memorial for someone who has passed away. Tattoos are a beautiful form of self-expression. However, today, we want to focus mainly on the meaning of a horse tattoos.

Different Meanings

Horse tattoos can have so many different meanings, and explanations. They can be a symbol of freedom, or even a symbol of childhood, or serenity. Perhaps you grew up around horses, and it represents your sweet childhood to you. Maybe you have always seen horses as a sign of freedom. Horses also can bring such a sense of peace, so it’s possible to have that meaning behind a horse tattoo.

Masculine and Feminine

One of the many things that make horse tattoos so popular is the fact that they can be both masculine and feminine. A horse can be so strong, and manly, and be a form of authority. But at the same time, a horse can represent beauty, and motherhood, and strength in a feminine way. The meaning of a horse tattoos can be a sign of dominance, but it can also be a sign of nobility. It is truly amazing that the meaning of a horse tattoos can range so greatly.

Color of Your Tattoo

Not only can the meaning of a horse tattoos range from person to person, but the color of your tattoo can greatly affect the meaning of your piece of body art. It is so easy to change the meaning of your tattoo just by adding or taking away color. A white horse could represent goodness, kindness, a knight in shining armor is you will. While a black horse could represent darkness, or evil. You could even have red added to your horse to represent fire, or passion. Or blue to represent peace, and calm.

Diversity of Horse Tattoos

The meaning of horse tattoos can be described in a myriad of different ways, because the horse as an animal represents so many different things. The horse represents freedom, wild child, free spirit, untamed, passionate, fiery, etc. It can also represent character traits such as strength, nobility, patience, perseverance, etc. Maybe your father was a fiery, passionate man. As a tribute to him, you could have a large, red horse tattooed on you. Perhaps your mother was a meek, noble, feminine, but strong in motherhood, woman. You could have a smaller blue horse tattooed to you.

In Conclusion

The meaning of horse tattoos can go so many different directions. If you yourself are considering getting a tattoo, step back, and consider the meaning of a horse tattoos. It covers so many areas of life for so many different people. Maybe you’ve found your first tattoo in a horse! Consider what a horse could mean to you, and go from there. Whether you are looking for a symbol of grace, calm, serenity, or strength, freedom, or valor, a horse tattoo could be your final choice.

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