Honor Your Prana - Create a Prana Playlist

4 years ago

Your prana, or life force, is lighting your path by giving you messages of guidance every day.   All you have to do is listen!

When you can’t find your path through words, there’s another even more powerful tool of energy -- music!

My prana playlist isn’t organized by genre, but by feelings and emotions.

There’s my inspirational playlist, my girl power playlist, my love hurts playlist and my creative expression playlist.

I didn’t search out these special songs.  They found me.

Like the time I made the big decision to start my own business and quit my corporate job after 14 years.  My eight-year-old daughter asked me to download a song for her.  As she played it for me, I got chills just listening to it.  I’m convinced this song was written just for me at this pivotal point in my life.  And it has become my theme song for launching my business and sharing my voice with the world.  Here’s a link to the music video of this special song on my inspirational playlist:  “Firework” by Katy Perry.

And then there’s the song I completely ignored most of my life, until I watched an episode of “Glee” and had to download it right away.   The episode was all about following your dreams, and this song was featured.  Now, whenever I’m having a bad day because one of my ideas was rejected, I play this song and it instantly uplifts me -- “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey.

This next song is from my girl power playlist.  I remember seeing this song at the top of the charts when it debuted.  I didn’t like the song.  But then, I saw the song performed by the artist in a music documentary.  I fell in love with the song, because all of a sudden the context and personal meaning of the song changed.  To me, “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry is about loving my femininity.  It’s about sharing my voice in unexpected, bold ways, and it’s about trying new things, taking risks and sometimes breaking the rules.  As the lyrics go, “ain’t no big deal it’s innocent . . . ”  That’s girl power – soft boldness!

Another song on my girl power playlist is completely different.  “Flos Regalis Virginalis” by Trio Mediaeval, is the most beautiful harmony of women’s voices that I’ve ever heard.  I use this song to meditate because I believe this song invites the angels into my home : )  This song came to me in the oddest way.  I was searching iTunes for a Gregorian Chant that was one of Steve Jobs’ favorites.  It was referenced in his biography by Walter Isaacson.  “Flos Regalis Virginalis” somehow came up on my search list, and it’s just perfect for me!

My love hurts playlist includes the songs that make me cry.  Sometimes my life force just needs a good cry, because it opens my heart instantly.   “The Rose” by Bette Midler is one of my favorite heart-opening songs.

When I need to express my creativity, I put on my dancing shoes, lock the door to my room, turn up the volume, close my eyes and dance – to “Oye Come Va” by Santana.  Nothing frees my creative spirit like this song.

So next time you hear a song and it gives you chills, that’s a clue.

It’s your prana looking to release and express itself in a way beyond words.

You can honor the divine messages of music by creating your own prana playlist. 

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