Homemade Dog Food

3 years ago

Homemade dog food
Hey there everyone. If you have been following me for a little bit you know that our Border Collie Cassie has been having some skin issues for about 6 months now. I mentioned in this post about her hair loss, and some of the difficulties we have had with getting her back in shape. One of the main things we did was start making her food and treats from scratch. This has made a huge difference in her skin, coat, and over all happiness.

Today, I made one of the recipes that she seems to like the most. She actually loves all of the recipes, but this one is her favorite. She know when I'm making her food and sits in the kitchen just hoping I'll drop something on the floor...lol.


2 Lbs. Ground Turkey

2 Cups Brown Rice (uncooked)

4 Cups Chicken Broth or Water

1 Lb Fresh Green Beans

1 Bag Broccoli Slaw Mix

1 Small Bag Baby Carrots

1 Bag Baby Spinach

2 Cups Celery Diced (not pictured)

You are going to want to use a LARGE sauce pot for this recipe.

homemade dog food

homemade dog food

homemade dog food

homemade dog foodStep 1: Brown Turkey

I use lean turkey (93/7) meat for Cassie so there is very little fat or liquid that comes from this. You can use a fattier cut if you want.

homemade dog foodStep 2: Stir dry rice into cooked turkey.

Step 3: Add broth or water and stir to evenly distribute liquid.

I stir the rice into the meat first to make sure it doesn't just sit on top of the meat where it won't cook.

Step 4: Bring to a boil, this doesn't take long.

Step 5: Turn heat down to medium and cook for 30 minutes.

homemade dog food

homemade dog food

homemade dog foodStep 6: Add all veggies, except spinach, to meat and rice mixture. Stir to combine.

Step 7: Cook on medium for another 20 to 30 minute.

You will need to keep an eye on it at this point. You are looking for the majority of the liquid to be soaked up. Sometimes this takes a short amount of time, sometimes it takes FOREVER!

homemade dog foodhomemade dog foodStep 8: When pretty much all the liquid has been absorbed place as much spinach as you can fit on top. Do Not mix this in yet. Let it sit on top and steam for about 10 minutes.

Step 9: Stir in spinach

homemade dog foodAnd Viola you have a tasty Homemade Dog Food your pooch will LOVE!

homemade dog foodCassie gets 1 cup in the morning with coconut oil mixed in, and then 1 cup no coconut oil in the evening. Sometimes I will add a raw egg or left over chicken for an extra little treat.

Making Cassie's food from scratch has made such a difference in her over all health. It seams to have cleared up her incredibly dry skin, and her coat has almost completely grown back in. She also no longer has a weird smell to her and her breath is not icky dog breath anymore.

Have you ever made your dogs food from scratch? If so, why and did it work for your pooch?



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