Holiday Office Party Gift Ideas

4 years ago

Can you believe this is the last week before Christmas? Only one week left until Christmas, which means only (including today) 5 work days left.  Most likely you have some kind of holiday work party this week, whether that means a potluck at the office, an afterhours cocktails or a weekend dinner with significant others – either way you have to bring some kind of gift. 

By gifts, this could mean for your manager, or the owner of the company or maybe your office is doing a Pollyanna with all your co-workers.  Either way, below are some great gift ideas for all.

Gift for your Male Manager/ Owner of the Company

  • Gift Certificates – Depending on how much you want to spend, which also depends on how long you have worked at the company and how well you know your boss, but a gift certificate is always a good idea.  You could get a coffee shop gift card (most likely you have seen what kind of coffee they drink), a local restaurant (a place that they have been to for lunch) or who doesn’t like to go to the movies.
  • Cookies/Candy – You could make (or your wife could make) cookies and put them in a nice tin and give that your boss.  If you did that last year and want to do something different but along the same lines, you could get a box of chocolates or fudge. 
  • Christmas Decoration – As long as you know your boss celebrates Christmas, what about a nice Christmas decoration.  Or an ornament for their tree.

Gift for your Female Manager/ Owner of the Company

You can definitely use all of the gift ideas above for your female boss, but you do have more options with a female.

  • Scarf, Gloves or a Hat – Again, depending on how much you want to spend depends on if you get one or all of these winter accessories.  One is perfect, but if you feel that isn’t enough, all three is great.
  • Costume Jewelry – A nice necklace or bracelet is always appreciated.  Find something you have seen on her maybe in a different color or style.
  • Mani/Pedi Gift Card – All women love to have their nails or toe nails done, so why not get your boss a gift card.

Gifts for your office Pollyanna

First of all, whatever you buy depends completely on the limit for the Pollyanna – there is no need to go over and try not to go under too much.  Also, you want to find something that is gender neutral because you never know who will get your gift.

  • Gift Cards – anywhere from Amazon, iTunes, Visa, Movies, Coffee Shop, Restaurant. There are so many options and it’s easy to stop by and purchase it.
  • Kitchen Items – A new pot/pan, a blender, mixing bowls and spices.  This is creative and if people in your office already have these items, it is a great re-gift item.
  • Home Goods – A nice new blanket along with popcorn and a movie is something all will like.  If your employees are always cold (and if it is allowed), get a space heater. 
  • Alcohol –  Everyone either drinks alcohol around the holidays or serves it.  A nice bottle of wine or hard liquor is perfect for every occasion.
  • Be Creative – If you are a creative person, you may not want to bring the normal items that everyone else is bringing so be creative.  Try stacked boxes with multiple lottery tickets.  What about a  frame with one dollar bills (the amount you were supposed to spend on a gift). 


These are only a few ideas, so if you have more, comment! Everyone could benefit from new ideas.  Happy Holidays everyone!

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