Holiday gift giving shouldn't be boring

8 years ago

In our family, it's the really weird unique gift that is the most memorable. It's the quirky gift that sets the bar for all future holiday gifting. If it's not unusual, it almost doesn't count.

That's not to say kids haven't loved receiving things like the Wii, or an iPhone, or an iPod touch or an iMac or the Monty Python boxed set - they definitely love and appreciate those things. But, it's the carton of sodas gifted to the teenager who has been reprimanded all year for taking the last soda that is most appreciated and most memorable. It's the HOT purple colored nail polish in the toes of stockings (yes, for the boys, too) that is talked about all year and is expected in every stocking for the rest of their lives. It's the coal that landed in the half child's stocking the first year he was with us, after he adamantly insisted there was NO Santa, that will be remembered for the rest of our lives. (If you Gainesville folks stumble into Charles - ask him if he believes, I betcha he does.)

So every year while we shop for the normal, traditional gifts we keep an eye out for the one unique gift that's going to be featured in family holiday stories for years to come. For some of the kids, it's pretty easy to find something unusual. For some adults, it can be downright impossible. Thankfully, I live with TW who is a pro at finding unusual gifts - for ME and for the kids.

I'll share some of the unusual gifts we've purchased this year (but I won't tell you who those gifts are for, just in case a nosy kid or my mother is reading...)

An old iVillage friend, catnmouse, had this tetanus booster optional pendant on her etsy site and it's perfect for... someone. I love it.

This Gremlin picture will be gifted to ... someone in my family.

I bet someone in your family would love the lonely dollop. What? Is it just my family that likes bathroom humor?

Bear vs Tractor? Yep, some lucky someone is going to be wearing that t-shirt on Christmas day.

I'm currently looking for chocolate dipped bacon that I can ship across the country. (Not a chocolate bar with bacon pieces, that's not quite what I want...) Anyone know where I can find a company that ships such a thing?

Are you looking for something really unusual? Maybe we can help you find it...

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