Highlights from Washington County Republican Women’s Event

Posted by Anne Wall

On Friday, September 28, 2012, Washington County Republican Women held a dinner event in Germantown, Wisconsin for 170 men and women. Among those attending were state and local politicians and the media including the popular WISN conservative talk radio host Jay Weber.

The keynote speaker was journalist Stephen Hayes. Hayes, a Wisconsin native, is a regular Fox News panelist and senior writer for the Weekly Standard. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson and I also spoke at this event.

I provided insights into the presidential candidate by sharing stories about my personal experience working with Mitt Romney, when he was President of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee. I served at the time as Brand Protection Manager. In my remarks, I talked about Mitt’s inspirational leadership, his vision and ability to fix difficult situations. How he restored trust and confidence, helping us turnaround a failing organization and rebuild Olympic brand value. I mentioned his policies of transparency and fiscal responsibility and Mitt’s ability to pull people together through shared commitment toward a higher purpose. These experiences led me to believe Mitt will make an outstanding President of the United States. As an excerpt from my presentation:

"It's time for us to come together as a country and unify under Mitt Romney's leadership. Our economic future, international trade relations and national security depend on the strength of our brand as a nation. I know [from working with the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics] Mitt can turnaround our country, and restore America's image and reputation to one of strength, prosperity and global preeminence."

In his remarks, Senator Johnson spoke about his awareness of liberal bias in the media and academia. He encouraged us to move past that, work harder, talk to more people and get them out to vote. Senator Johnson stressed the need for a change in leadership before our country goes off a “fiscal cliff" in 2013. He emphasized the importance of getting Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Tommy Thompson elected into office this November.

I've heard Senator Johnson speak on a number of other occasions. He is an experienced businessman. During his short tenure in the US Senate, he quickly gained a keen understanding of Washington politics and the concerns facing our nation, including concerns about the federal budget deficit and factors contributing to out of control spending. (The financial charts on Senator Johnson's website are worth reviewing at www.ronjohnson.senate.gov/public.)

As keynote speaker, Mr. Hayes entertained the audience with ridiculously funny news headlines and what it’s like to be a panelist on news entertainment shows. Hayes didn’t forget his Wisconsin roots either. He told a story about striving to be the first journalist to break the news about Romney's selection of Paul Ryan as his vice presidential candidate. And Hayes had a suggestion for presidential candidate Romney, "Look to Wisconsin not only for political leadership but also for substantive leadership." 

Toward the end of his talk, Hayes spoke about a "failure in American leadership." Paraphrased below are a few takeaway points that I recall from his keynote speech:

  • It's become clear that federal agencies and the Obama administration knew within 24 hours that Benghazi was a planned terrorist attack on the US embassy in Libya with links to al Qaeda. (For more information on this topic, see Hayes' story titled “Our Fearless Misleader,” published September 29, 2012, in the Weekly Standard at www.weeklystandard.com/articles/our-fearless-misleader_653228.html)
  • Four years ago, in Toledo, Ohio, Candidate Obama laid out his “Emergency Rescue Plan,” which looked a lot like the Federal Stimulus Package implemented after President Obama took office. Hayes pointed out that the Stimulus Package failed.
  • The President promised Medicare and Social Security reforms by the end of 2009. Obama is now arguing against them.
  • The President has been twice videotaped saying he cannot raise taxes in an economic downturn. Now raising taxes on the wealthy has become a central point of his reelection campaign.




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