High Tech Beauty Trends for 2017

2 years ago
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Are you constantly on the hunt for the latest beauty products? Some people think the market is just limited to the usual products like eyeshadow and lipstick. Bu did you know that as technology has started to change, it has also influenced the beauty industry? Bringing the industry into the digital age, beauty product manufacturers are finding new and unique ways to create intriguing must-have gadgets. Not just for computer lovers anymore, there are loads of new tech toys coming out to keep you looking incredible. Read on to learn which trends you are going to love in 2017.


Listen to Your Skin – Bustle called it a “pocket dermatologist” and you might agree. The adorable and tiny Wayskin device is said to read your skin’s condition to learn what state it is in at any time of the day. The device then sends that information to your paired digital device so you can learn what your skin needs to be at its best.



Image: Wayskin


Get a Flawless Look with Airbrush Makeup – Once reserved just for celebrities, airbrush makeup is now becoming more widely available than ever. To get airbrush makeup, you will need to purchase both the makeup gun and the specific makeup canisters that work with that device. This type of makeup is pretty enticing for people wanting even coverage to hide uneven complexions or blemishes (and for some people, they use airbrush makeup to hide tattoos for certain occasions). Even coverage is great, but does it really justify buying these sometimes expensive little gadgets? Well, perhaps the makeup’s staying power will change your mind. Anyone who wears cover-up, foundation, or powder knows that it tends to move around your face. That won’t happen with airbrush makeup. Once it’s on, it stays put until you deliberately wash it off. Next time you have a big event, consider investing in airbrush makeup to keep yourself looking flawless through the entire function.




Get a Facial in the Comfort of Your Home – Most people love going to the spa and getting pampered, but it can be a hassle to book and keep appointments with an aesthetician. One of the biggest draws to visiting a spa is the special tools they have, including the relaxing and effective facial steamer. Luckily, there are now personal steamers hitting the market so you can get a relaxing steam facial in the comfort of your own home. If you’re looking for an even more compact steamer, then you’ll be glad to hear that there are also steamer eye masks on the market. These handy little steamers often come in cute designs and some run on batteries, meaning no matter where you are you can have soft, dewy skin every day.



Image: Panasonic Eye Esthetic Steamer

Get a Fuller Head of Hair – Is your hair thinning or thinner than you would like? Then you might want to consider getting a laser growth hair system for your home. These revolutionary new products claim to use both LED and laser technology to promote hair growth if you use them for just a short session every day. If you have ever hated your thin ponytails or wished you could try some more complicated hairstyles that require a full head of hair, this might be your ticket to luscious locks. Even if you are just started to lose your hair, it’s certainly a trend worth exploring.


Image: iGrow Hair Growth Laser System


Get Whiter Teeth – A nice, bright smile never goes out of style, so why not try a professional level at home teeth whitening kit? This professional teeth whitening system from Pearly Whites is FDA approved and includes high-grade whitening gel, moldable trays, and a powerful LED light, all of which will get you on your way to that Hollywood smile.



Image: Pearly Whites Professional Teeth Whitening Kit


Get a Healthy Face – While these gadgets are not the highest tech options, they are certainly worth mentioning. Popular in Japan, facial exercise devices are touted as a workout for your face. There are many options for many different types of exercise, many of which involve placing the device in your mouth to tone your cheeks and mouth. Still, others are aimed at reducing the wrinkles that come with making different expressions such as smiling or frowning. Sound like too much work? Then perhaps a facial belt will be more to your liking. These masks fit over your face and sellers claim they help fight wrinkles and combat the signs of aging. However, you choose to exercise your face, it’s certainly one of the up-and-coming trends with increasingly more facial workout devices hitting the market every year.



Image: Kagoa! Smile Lines Face Belt

What to Watch – One of the biggest markets to watch this year is the fat melting market. You might be used to the standard liposuction and plastic surgery options for getting rid of fat. More and more, companies are developing non-invasive ways to get rid of stubborn weight. These fat reduction alternatives are so popular because instead of going through painful, time-consuming, and sometimes risky surgery, you can make fat disappear through options such as, “Cyrolipolysis (freezing fat), Ultrasound, Radiofrequency, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields and Lasers (and sometimes a combination).” It’s best to consult your physician and see which method they think is right for you to start getting rid of that extra weight.


Were you surprised to see any of the trends on the list? Whether you want to tone your face, stimulate your hair growth, give yourself a full facial at home, or get stunning photo-ready makeup, 2017 is bringing you some great gadgets to get the results you want. Step into the New Year looking and feeling your best by trying out the latest high-tech beauty trends, and make all of your friends jealous while they try to figure out just what your beauty secrets are this year!

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