High Intensity Discharge (HID) Automotive Lighting: Great Choice

10 months ago

Offering reliable products is one of the key pieces to becoming a leader in the automotive-lighting world, of course. But that is not enough, by itself. It’s also essential to make these excellent items affordable for the majority of potential customers who want them and need them. For decades, owners of cars, trucks and other vehicles made use of traditional lighting products that delivered reasonable performance and adequate lighting.




But in more recent times, it’s been possible to get much-better illumination with units that employ the newest technology in the industry. One of the most promising, and popular, is the high-intensity discharge, HID automotive lamp, which produces light with an electric arc between tungsten electrodes. A quartz or alumina arc tube contains gas and metal salts. The arc starts and the heat evaporates the salts, increasing the intensity of light. The added illumination is produced with less power consumption.

So Many Uses

That’s a very basic explanation of this outstanding technology, of course. But it could be enough to encourage you to consider some of the excellent HID automotive lighting made available by one of the leaders in this segment. Visit the website to learn more about HID products such as ballasts, install parts, bulb adapters, bulbs and conversion kits. When you work with professionals, you have access to HID bulbs from original-equipment manufacturers (OEM) and after-market style bulbs as well.

If this is what you need, you can browse the full inventory of OEM bulbs, adapters and harnesses, or narrow your search by price. You also have the option of choosing a specific product so you can compare it with others. You’ll also find a variety of after-market bulbs and harnesses, all of which will provide some of the best illumination in the HID automotive line.

Start your browsing on GTR Lighting to review the long list of bulb styles. Spend some time learning about LED bulbs and HID bulbs, by specific category. If you’re interested in some of the finest headlights available, devote a bit of time to the GEN 1, GEN 2 and GEN 3 (LED) choices. You may find the sealed-beam upgrade headlamps you’re looking for as well, whether they’re the Tru-Projector dual-beam 7”x 6”, dual-beam 7” round, the dual-beam 7”x 6” with black housing or the 7” round with black housing.

There’s More

Whether you’re searching for the top HID automotive lighting, the best in LED products, or just want to learn more about the progress made in this industry in the past few years, this is your source. Every component is subject to several stages of product research and development before being offered to the public. This process is part of the vision and passion these professionals bring to the job every day.

The key to success with this business model is a commitment to innovation. When you select one of the HID automotive products, or choose an LED item for your specific purpose, you’re not just buying reliable lighting, you’re bringing in a long-term partner. 

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