Here's Why We Call It "The Power of the Post".

3 years ago

Sooo…I’m  here to report that both Nicolee and I have been affected by what she has coined: “the power of the post”. BAM!

Fyi, Nicolee is my bestie in P.R. and she and my stalwart homestay student/ friend Nozomu proof my posts for clarity and continuity, education and entertainment. They are, together, my first reader. I would be lost without their wisdom and perception of my words and my intent.

Now, they’re both much younger than me but also single so they have a vested interest in my experiences and my “advice”, as it were. They’re living vicariously through me, which is actually fucking hilarious since until recently, I did not HAVE a life with which to live through…bahahahaha!

But anyhoo…just the other day, my Nicolee emailed me about a boy she’d met who was sending her lame and useless texts:

“Well, your posts and your links inspired me to grow some balls and treat him how I would want to be treated and just cut out the texting. So I responded and said something to the effect seem like a nice guy and I had a great time but texting without face-time is just weird for me at this point, but I hope you find a cool girl that lives a bit closer cause you deserve one. So I got a nice text back saying "No prob, it was nice to meet you too".  Now how much better of a resolution is that than just being a bitch and ignoring him and feeling guilty about it.   Look at you…the power of the post coming to life!”

Now how fucking cool is THAT?? Nicolee mustered up the courage to behave well in an awkward situation so she feels like a hero…and rightly so. That’s my girl!

And THEN…even I took my own advice and messaged FOUR MEN IN ONE GO…It still shocks me as I write it down. Holy smoking cow!

It was easy peasy lemon squeezy. I generally only read emails and delete any “want to meet you”s and “favourited you”s. I know…but it’s been a long haul, girlies, and I only have so much patience, you know? My attitude toward those two categories is generally: “Lazy much?”

However! Once a month or so, I’ve taken to looking at who’s chosen me as a favourite and lo and behold, there were a couple of/ three prospects. Now before I wrote about the three groups of people in my message post, I would have only favourited them back. I know. How fucking weakass is that?

But now, with a messaging victory under my belt...okay, it spiraled rapidly into an intense episode of false intimacy but I DID message and meet him so SCORE!...I felt all kinds of bravado to do it again…times four!

I read all their profiles then sent a simple email, all starting the same way: “Hey, I just noticed you favourited me”, added a pertinent and personalized comment or two and ended with a question.  I tried to be genuine and connect with something they’d written. The fourth guy I stumbled across while online for so long messaging so I threw him one too…all before dashing off to work, positively FLUSH with victory! Did it matter whether they answered? Honestly, no. The fact that I was able to be okay with just sending them a message was FUCKING HUGE!!!

For the record, I got 2 out of 4 replies. HA! And the miracle of finding four men I actually WANTED to message remains just as amazing and a whole other post…

So here’s what I’m saying, girlies…the power of the post exists, even before it goes out into the big, bright internet Universe and it’s already shown how it can make mousies like Nicolee and me into…well, not men but even better: KICKASS WOMEN trying new things and not only surviving but thriving. And if we can do it, so can you…GO, US!

Do you believe in the power of a post? Would someone else's experiences inspire you to be bolder and braver or smarter or less freaked out...anything that isn't your default emotional setting? Please share. I LOOVEEE to hear stories.

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