Here's a Brilliant Guide for Women to Find a Job in 2017

a year ago
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Job searching can be an exhausting experience. Sometimes, it can also be discouraging for young women especially when they do not find an employment opportunity according to their skills and the market value. However, irrespective of your profession, location and the hiring authority, you will always find some basic strategies and guidance that can be helpful​ in making the job search a bit easier. Following are some important tips that you can use to find a new employment or improve your line of profession in 2017.
Use Unique Cover Letter For Each Opening
This is very important​ tip to begin with your employment search. Many individuals use nearly the same cover letter to apply at different organizations which is wrong. Even if you have rewritten the basic letter for applying for a specific position, hiring managers can easily find out when a job cover letter has been reused. Therefore, it is crucial that you use a separate and unique cover letter keeping the current opening in mind every time you apply for a job position.
Use Social Media To Get New Opportunities
Social media can be one of the most effective ways to hunt a job in 2017. According to a latest survey, more than 37 millions employees attributed their current jobs to social media last year alone. In other words, this online portal is no longer just a site to make friends and social contacts but also a platform for companies to find their candidates, and professionals to come across new employment opportunities. Similarly, you can broadcast your desire for employment to all of your contacts.
It's possible that any of your contacts has some ideas, job opportunity or hints in hand that can help you get a job. For example, your uncle may know that his manager needs a new associate but he didn't learn that you were willing to find a new job. So, just make sure that all of your contacts know that you are looking for a job to create possibilities for getting an employment through one of them.
Nowadays, almost everyone has a LinkedIn Presence. Whether we are talking about a Personal LinkedIn Profile or a Company Page, it’s simply not enough to build it and hope they come. Don't leave it to chance. Your LinkedIn Presence needs to be unique, fully optimized & one that makes you stand out in your professional field, says Dennis Koutoudis, globally recognized LinkedIn Expert and founder of
Use Professional Media Network
LinkedIn is an excellent example of professional media network that not only works as your resume but is a strong online platform to be noticed and get hired. In today's technology driven world, there is so much available for you that can be used to get a desirable job. Its just take a few seconds to Google to land on some piece of wisdom or other information. These sites especially LinkedIn has so much available that can easily overwhelm you. All you need to do is to make sure that you have a complete and active LinkedIn profile with a latest picture of yourself on it. Using professional media networks to find a job is, without a doubt, a timeless job searching tip that can help you fine-tune your job hunting strategy if used properly.
Use Online Job Postings
Though it's a great idea to visit different companies to drop your resume in person, there is likelihood of you to find more employment opportunities online. It is recommended to create a separate email account for professional use, and use it for registering yourself with online job postings websites. You must use your name to create this account such as When signing up for such sites, make sure that you allow them to email you daily newsletter. Usually, all job posting websites require you to create an online profile on their platforms. It is important that you accomplish all of the text boxes provided there, and upload a picture of yourself as well.
Make Your Job Application Stand Out
Your job application can make a crucial role to help you get noticed among a pile of applications. In other words, it is vital to make your job application stand out to get hired quickly. For that reason, you need to dedicate each of the applications to a specific opening. Many experts believe that job hunting is a number game where the individual needs to send as many resumes as possible. Provided that recruiters and hiring managers have the ability to easily spot out a a generic resume in hundreds of applications, you should spend some time to edit your resume and cover letter so that you have increased chances to get the position you want. This will help the recruiters know that you are applying for that specific position, and don't​ just want to avail any positions​ available.
Job hunting can be a daunting experience. Also, it has proven to be a stressful and frustrating task for many individuals. However, the above tips can be helpful to make it a lot easier.

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