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4 years ago

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Time flies. This is a very common statement used by millions of people around the world. Yes, truly, time does fly, as seconds turn in to minutes, minutes in to hours and hours turn into days which we are barely able to grasp.

Since starting my own business, I have found myself in situations where I cannot recall certain daily tasks or may find myself running drastically out of time.

My commitments are not limited to my business, but I must bear in mind my responsibilities to my family, my friends, my personal and daily needs and of course, each new sunrise comes with new tasks which I must undertake.

I like to praise myself on my ability to memorise things easily, or at least, I use to be able to do that, when I was young. Without modern day technology, such as mobile phones, electronic diaries and other such useful inventions, we were obliged to remember details such as landline numbers and addresses. At some point in my life, I had actually embedded in to my memory the landline numbers of all my friends and family!

Unfortunately, with responsibilities piling up higher than before (and of course more people using phones than before!), I started to realise that it is almost impossible for me to remember everything.

The tricky thing about forgetting things is that at some point, I will remember. However, it’s usually when it is too late or right before I drift off in to what was meant to be blissful sleep!

It was during one of these moments when I decided that I must organise my tasks, responsibilities and even my lunch dates by creating a daily, weekly and monthly job list.

With managing and balancing a big project, a job, a family and everything else, I found that organising my day really helped. I like to set out tasks and deadlines for myself and when I have completed the task, I can happily cross it off and start on the next!

Instead buying expensive and complicated electronic organisers, I have found a simple, free and accessible way of managing my day.

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We live in an internet savvy world and the most of us log on to the World Wide Web on a daily basis. Personally for me and my children, the best website to be logged on to the popular search engine – My children actually refer to as their “Grandma Google,” for it knows everything!

Google provides a wonderful feature, Google Calendar. This is what I use to organise my days. Google Calendar has many different features, including colour-coding. For example, the jobs which I have yet to start, I have coloured red, the jobs which have been started and not yet completed, I colour amber and the jobs which are successfully completed, I colour green. In addition to this fantastic feature, you can set reminders. These reminders can be synced to your smartphone, your e-mail and your desktop calendar!

Furthermore, if you decide to go on a trip and not pack your laptop or take your smartphone with you, you are always able to print off your agenda! You can change and edit this calendar so that it fits you and your personal needs. It is a great and very useful feature, available for all!

I always carry a paper diary in my bag, but since I have started to use a virtual diary, I can say with confidence that I prefer my Google calendar.

So, whether you are a busy mother, a busy business woman or just a busy socialiser, I advise that you give it a go! I am sure you will love it and will be able to deal with your busy lifestyle in a more organised and efficient way!

Also, if you use a MAC, you can use the iCal Calendar or for office use, you can use your Outlook Calendar.


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