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8 years ago

October has always been one of my favorite months of they year. Nice weather, Canadian Thanksgiving, my birthday, Halloween and let's face it, anything is better than September. But really, the best thing about October is the DonorsChoose Social Media Challenge (formerly known as the DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge.)

DonorsChoose is an online charity that makes it easy for everyone to help fund educational projects around the country. During the Social Media Challenge bloggers, Tweeters, Facebookers, (and BlogHers) will come together to raise money that goes straight to the place it's needed the most - the classroom.

Last year, bloggers raised more than $275,000 and helped fund projects in 65,000 public schools.

This year, we reached out to BlogHer members who are active in our Regional Groups and asked them to select projects from their local areas. (32 projects in 16 areas.) Here are the giving pages for each regional group.

  • BlogHer Portland
  • BlogHer Seattle
  • BlogHer Tampa
  • BlogHer Dallas/Ft Worth
  • BlogHer Boston
  • BlogHer Austin
  • BlogHer Denver
  • BlogHer Cincinnati
  • BlogHer San Francisco
  • BlogHer Philadelphia
  • BlogHer Los Angeles
  • BlogHer Chicago
  • BlogHer NYC
  • BlogHer Atlanta
  • BlogHer St. Louis
  • BlogHer Washington DC
  • I'd like to send a huge thank you to the BlogHers who helped to choose the projects for each of our regional giving pages. Stop by their blogs and thank them for caring about kids and education.

  • Jenny on the Spot
  • Powered By Tofu
  • Mommy Bits
  • South City Confidential
  • Oh! How Lovely!
  • Parentopia
  • Cutie Booty Cakes
  • Megan's Minute
  • Queen of Spain Blog
  • Squidalicious
  • The Paula G Company
  • Joy Unexpected

    Follow @donorschoose on Twitter. Friend them on Facebook. Learn more about DonorsChoose and how it works. Read some thank you letters written by students and teachers whose projects have been funded by donations from people like you.

    Visit the giving pages and donate as little as $1 or more if you can spare it. Just as valuable as your dollar is your time. Building buzz about this project is just as important as reaching into your wallet.

    Blog about the DonorsChoose Social Media Challenge. Embed a widget or two on your blog. Tweet the links. Facebook your favorite projects. Spread the word. Create a giving page of your own and work to get those projects funded.

    Leave a comment telling us which projects you support. Post a link to your blog if you are participating in the DonorsChoose Social Media Challenge. Share ideas for ways we can work together to improve education for children around the country.

    BlogHer Community Manager

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