Hello World

5 years ago
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Hello World! This is my first blog on Blog Her. A little bit about me........ I am a mother to an awesome 3 year old. I am a wife to a man who refuses to contribute emotionally and financially. I am an artist who has, for the time being, had to persue career choices alternative to my dream in order to support my family. I am a painter, a weekday vegetarian, an animal lover, book reader, a musician, a jr software test engineer, cook, gardener, friend and much more.

I have decided to write this blog because I have decided to choose happiness and although the road to happiness is ironically paved with glass and nails at times.... I will keep walking. I know there are many women out there just like me who feel like their partner is.... well not a partner at all. I spent years being frusterated at the fact that based on my actions and work ethic I could have a comfortable lifestyle for someone who needs very little to be happy.... but my spouce's refusal to contribute has made us very much a paycheck to paycheck family. So much so that a divorce is not financially possible.

So instead of dwelling on my unmet expectations, I have found many outlets of happiness and I hope maybe, just maybe I can help someone else get started on the road to happiness.

That said, I would like to leave you with something told to me in college. I was working at a nursing home and a 97 year old lady named Ruby told me this

"The Key to Happiness is Always Having Something to Look Forward to."