Hello January: You Are Not My Favorite Month

4 years ago



So it is January. Not my favorite month of the year.

We have crashed down from the holidays. No more gatherings, dinners or presents. No more shopping, holiday cards or eggnog.

All of the red and gold glittery things have been put away. The tree and everything festive…..gone.

And now it is just……January. And cold. And dreary.

I am not big on New Years resolutions. I am big on fresh starts though. And new beginnings. So I do like the concept of a shiny, new year.

I usually spend the first couple of month of the year working to lose all of the weight that I gained during the festive holidays. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love a good celebration. Last year was no exception.

I ate more than my fair share of casseroles and pies. And finding the time to go exercise was not tops on my list because there was way too many fun things to be done.


It’s cool though. I am okay with paying the piper.

My kids went back to school this week. I love my time with them during breaks. They will only be with me for so long.

The late nights and lazy mornings. Pajama days complete with hot chocolate and board games.

No where to be and all day to get there. I am not the most relaxed person in the world. But relaxed was my middle name for many days.

But then it got old. And the kids got bored. Then I went nuts. Because the perpetual bickering over absolutely everything erupted. All day, every day.

Then I got to hear about how bored they were. Every waking moment. Seriously what does it take to entertain kids? My mother never entertained me.

So it was time. Routine is important. More so for some. And I am one of those. Routine makes me feel balanced. And of sound mind.

But January is still a downer.

Although if we didn’t have humdrum like January could we truly appreciate the highs like Christmas? Or long summer Saturdays with friends? Or family vacations?

Maybe not.

But what about the people who didn’t enjoy the holidays as I did?

What about the lonely? Or the forgotten? Or the sick? Or those less fortunate? What is their January like?

A fresh start for another chance? Or more of the same?

Life is tough all year long for some. Some never live the highs.

And then I stopped pouting about January.

I still have my family. And friends. My health. And a home. And I can feed my children three warm meals a day. And therefore I am wealthy beyond measure.

January, I misjudged you. You brought me into the new year. A year full of promise and hope.

A year to sit with the lonely. A year to remember the forgotten. A year to care for the sick. A year to help those who need a hand.

Wait a minute. Did I just accidentally make New Years resolutions?

So then I got reflective.

Five years ago this month I was preparing to welcome my last baby into the world.

Eleven years ago this month I was planning a wedding with my new fiancé.

22 years ago this month I was celebrating landing a new job. One that afforded me my very own apartment. And a new car. And independence.

30 years ago this month I was celebrating my grandmother’s 62nd birthday with her yummy banana pudding and wafers. She knew how to whip up a banana pudding. And how to be a phenomenal grandmother.

Looking back, January has historically treated me pretty well actually. I owe you an apology January.

I guess it is more about the seasons of life.

As I type this, I am watching my youngest play with an army tank, a robot and a Storm Trooper. He is the only one home. He goes to preschool three days a week. And today is not one of them.

But next year will be his year to shine. He will begin big school. And I will be done with my little ones.

Life is full of change. You have to feel your way through it. Adjusting as you go. Learning the things that you need to learn, along the way.

What do I still have to learn? What do I need to change? What do I need to share with others?

Sounds like this is an exciting time in my life after all.

Hello January 2014. Show me whatcha got.





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