Hell On Earth! I'm about over it...

5 years ago

After yet another 3 days in bed, I awoke pissed off and with a Big Ol F$ck U for Obama and his brilliant ideas. "The tax increases that remain on the books will cost taxpayers more than $675 billion over the next ten years. Chief among these will be the sales tax on the purchase of health insurance, totaling $101.7 billion, and making it larger than all the other industry-specific taxes combined".(Forbes) How am I going to live another year in this man made Hell? I have spent over $2000 in medical bills the past two months and our savings is gone! Obama can suck a rock! I have worked my whole life having two if not more jobs at a time and this is how our President pays back hard working Americans! I see horrible things coming our way! I cant pay for my medication as it costs $787.00 a month. That is just one of the many I take to control my Arthritis. So what is going to happen to all the people who arent blessed with perfect health. I will tell you, they will die. I am a nurse and have witnessed hundreds if not thousands of people die because of our Presidents plan to reform our healthcare. Since when does a single man govern the death of thousands of innocent people every day? He is not my God and I didnt vote for him!

My Rheumatoid Arhthritis has put me in a very bad position in life. All the things my husband and I have worked sooo hard to provide for our family is slowly being taken away. For what? For who is a better question? I know I am not the only one that would like to give Obama the "Fuck U", as he doesnt pay for his healthcare and lives in a pretty White house as we all lose our jobs, homes, and dignity. I wonder how all these people that have been given unsurmountable levels of power would feel to be powerless? We would never see one of Obamas little girls dieing in a hospitable because of pneumonia..or better yet have Michelle sit in a 2 hour line with her sick kids to donate plasma to pay for that days food and clothing and shelter! I personally have done all these things. I didnt throw myself a pity party..I,pulled up my Big Girl Panties and got two degrees. Clawed my way out of Hell, only to be put right back in it again. I personally beleive in higher Powers and this is either a sign of The Times or we as a Nation really are stupid and Lazy! Why do we give power to people who havent one clue how to use it? That being said..Have a blessed day and pray!


The Niche Witch

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