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5 years ago

It's the beginning of the week. Have you looked at your calendar yet? I bet you have! And let me guess, you have lots of appointments, work functions, kid activities, errands, oh, and you have to sleep sometime! This is how life works: time is a hot commodity these days and we never seem to have enough. So then why do we stuff it full of "have to" things?



Some of us do well with full plates, but even if we thrive on juggling a hectic schedule, we sometimes leave out the things that are most important to us, the things that encompass our goals. Say that one of your goals is to lose weight. Have you scheduled any time in your week to do so? If not, chances are that you won't be actively working towards your goal this week. What if your goal is to start your own Etsy business? If you're not able to devote enough time, or squeeze it in between your nonprofit board meeting and going to your favorite art store, then you won't be launching your site any time soon.



What does your week look like? I mean, REALLY look like? What are the have-to's? What are the just-because's?



How to truly schedule time for your goals even with a hectic schedule--no excuses!



1) Evaluate your week. What can you get rid of or reschedule? Remember, your truest-most desires are on the line here.


2) Write down your priority action steps for this week (as in the example above it might be: register for Etsy and list at least 3 items).


3) Where will the above priority steps fit in? Sure, there are things that are non-negotiables: work, dogs, kids, etc, but to truly achieve our goals, we must put them before the just-because's and shoulds (that party you've been dreading or those mundane errands you think you need to run).


4) Block out enough time for each of your action steps. Try to be realistic and give yourself ample space to move forward in your goal. If it helps, physically schedule/write down the time in your calendar, on your phone, etc, whatever your style may be. This can act as a visual reminder of how you are choosing to spend your time


5) Make up your mind and "just do it". Spend the time you need and DESERVE to on your goals


6) Keep yourself accountable and enjoy your week! Think about how much better you will feel when you reflect on this week knowing that you are that much closer to your true goals!!! That's exciting!



What do you want to prioritize this week? I would love to hear about your crazy awesome goals and how you will honor them in your hectic week...comments welcome!





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