Heartache, Cancer, Life and Grieving: Through Facebook

One of my friends has cancer. The bad cancer, not the easy cancer I had. Here are her words from Facebook last September:

1st appt with oncologist kind of threw me for a loop but I'm still going to fight. The cancer I have is NOT curable and maybe not even controllable but we are going to try like hell to get me a few years, hopefully the 20 yrs I want but thats a pipe dream right now but one I am going to hang onto.

Oh gosh, how haunting they are to read now. She's fighting, she's strong, she wants to live. She's giving it her all. Yesterday, this was her Facebook status:

Well, went to get labs today and is wasn't good, in fact was worse then they have ever been so waiting to hear when I go in for another blood transfusion :-(. Only thing I can pray for now is that cancer count is down tomorrow so please pray that it is and thx to everyone xoxo
How did I feel when I read that? Stunned. Sick. Heartbroken. Deb has such a strong spirit. She's had a tough life, but noting keeps her down. She's another internet friend, someone I've never met in person. But nowadays, that doesn't make much difference does it? We can love people that we've never met. We can pray for them. We can feel their struggles through the invisible wires of the internet.
So I did what I do when I'm down in the dumps. I went to visit my friend Gina who passed away a few years ago from breast cancer. I don't know where she is buried, so I can't go visit her in the cemetery. I can and do go to her facebook page though, and I talk to her. I wrote this this morning:

Hi Gina, 

I miss you. Coming to your facebook page is sort of like going to visit you in a cemetery. But weird in a way, because the words I say to you here are permanent. I'm five years out now Gina, and afraid to go for my yearly mammogram. But then I'm always afraid. 

Another one of my friends is very sick gf. I don't remember what kind of cancer she has, but it's the bad kind. She's been in chemo since September. She has to have her second blood transfusion now. Her name is Deb gf. I know you have a direct pipeline to god up there, so can you ask him to give her a miracle? Or even just a few years she can enjoy life? 

She was another friend like you, who unselfishly held me in spirit and prayer while I was fighting the big C. She also prayed me through 2 knee replacements and back surgery. I am just trying to repay the favor. Oh gosh gf, I miss you so much. I wish you could answer me. I need you. 

Love, Karen
Do you have anyone that was in your life that has passed away that you still talk to through Facebook?
~Karen Lynn
Hello World, It's May! Miss you Gina
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