Trying to Sell Your House Can Take A Toll

4 years ago

I’ve had this little blog for just over a year now. Between the blog and social media you are pretty much in the loop of every thing that goes on in my life. I am an open book. Or as my husband says, a little too much of an open book at times.

But what does he know. You are hanging on my every word. Right?

I wrote a blog post months ago called Selling A House Requires A New List Of Rules and believe it or not, that post resonated with a lot of people.

It has been pinned on Pinterest more than any other post that I have written. Which I am not talking about thousands of shares. But way more than any of the others. So that tells me something.

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People feel my pain. Trying to sell a house is a time-consuming, life-consuming, stressful event.

When we first decided to list the house, we went all in.

We put a fresh coat of paint on every single wall. And every piece of trim. Okay, so someone who knew what they were doing actually did the painting. But we had to pay for it, and that was no fun, either.

New carpet was installed upstairs.

We cleaned and shined all of the outdoor shutters and trim.

We cleaned every window seal and window pane. Inside and out.

We cleaned every wood slat on every set of blinds, hanging in all 22 windows.

Wait, did I mention that we have 22 windows? That is a lot of wood slats.

By the time we were finished, the house looked brand-new again. Restored to its original beauty.

Then the sign went up in the yard.

And we got notification of our first scheduled showing.

BUT WAIT! We weren’t ready!

I panicked. It felt like a test. And I like to make 100 on tests. That showing and every subsequent showing required the following:

I ran the vacuum and dusted the hardwoods.

I cleaned every shiny surface with glass cleaner. Especially faucets. And mirrors.

There could not be a single fingerprint on any of the stainless steel appliances. And just who came up with the idea of stainless steel appliances, anyway? Obviously not someone with a disorder.

I checked every toilet bowl/seat/base for any evidence that little boys live in the house. If you have one, then you know how they abuse toilets. And the wall. And the floor.

I removed the mixer, coffee maker and any other personal effects from the kitchen counter. The kitchen had to look like no one actually used it. It was way too clean.

I personally scanned every inch of every room making sure that everything was perfect. Nothing out-of-place. Everything in line.

When it was almost time for the potential buyers to arrive, all of the kids werephysically removed asked to evacuate the spotless house and loaded up in the family vehicle. We had to make ourselves scarce.

I was always the last one to exit the house. And only after I ONCE AGAIN inspected each toilet. Because it only takes a second of me not watching.

Then we would leave the house.

And wait.

This went on for months. I almost worked myself to death. Not to mention that I had five people working against me.

The problem with selling a house is that you have to find THE FAMILY who loves your home as much as you did when you bought it. It takes time. It is a process.

Do not tell me how you sold your house in three days. NOT LISTENING.

As more and more time passes, things start to change, though. You shift from “Look at my house. It is the most amazingly clean house that you have ever seen. You should totally buy it!” to “If you want it clean, then buy it and clean it yourself.”

You get worn down by the process.

Now when we get a showing request, things go a little differently.

My main concern is making sure that there is no underwear on the floor. Anything more than that, six people live here. What did you expect to find?

My husband is no quitter, though. He is determined that all of our hard work has not been in vain. The perfect family will find it a perfect fit. Any day now.

So for those who have asked, yes we are still on the market. And I am still alive despite the process.

But just barely.

When we actually secure an acceptable offer, you will not believe the posts that I am going to write about packing, moving and house hunting. Those will be epic.

How long did it take you to sell your house?

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