Having It All In "The New Economy"

5 years ago

The other day, I heard a Rent-A-Center commercial end with “the only way to shop in the new economy.” Surprisingly, more of us seem to recognize that the economy isn’t in great shape, but are still finding ways to live the lifestyles we want to live.

Today, more people have multiple jobs in order to afford to keep up with the Kardashians. The reality is, there have always been a number of people out of work and struggling to get by with meager salaries. This phenomenon has now only captivated us not only because the media focuses on it more than they have in the past, but also, because many of us know someone who is without work. We know someone who is visiting their local food pantry just to feed their loved ones.

This isn’t a new problem that this country has faced. Yet, it has began to sink in more than ever to watch our spending, to have more than one job just in case something happens to the other one. So we’ve developed a new mindset. We work more to get more. Suddenly, being a workaholic isn’t such a bad trait.  Working smarter, not harder, certainly has taken notice.

No longer are brick and mortar the only means by which to define a business. Businesses are created and run from vehicles; many thrive on the web. Where we find ourselves being pushed away or being blocked, we find innovative and cost-effective solutions, carving out our own path to get to our destinations—thanks mostly in part to social media and the accessibility of information and resources.

Turning an old barn or shack into a home, sculpting wondrous art from garbage, cultivating your own food and generating things with your own hands are now talents to be admired. Recycling clothes and furniture, networking among friends and family, bartering services, and fighting for our goal ensures us that the ‘American Dream’ is somehow, still obtainable.

Although slight improvement is noted, the job outlook is still scary. Fortunately, we are going back to our roots and thinking outside of the box to find solutions to our own problems. In “The New Economy” we’ve come to understand that there is no one way to accomplish our goals. We can have it all because there is no one way to live a great life.


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