Have You Ever Been Accused of Content Theft?

7 years ago

Melissa wrote a post awhile back about plagiarism on the Internet, and I was one of over 70 people to leave comments.  I have had entire articles taken off an article directory and reworked with another person's name slapped on; I even had one individual subscribe to my site to get his hansd on a free report I had taken 3 months to write just to have him post it online in its entirety, with his criticisms in red sprinkled throughout.  I could relate to all the other bloggers who felt so strongly about this issue.

Then, a week ago, the tables seemed to turn.  I received an email from another website accusing me of stealing their ideas and articles (they were not very specific).  This from a site I had had a relationship with.  I was blindsided.  I responded, denying it of course, and pointing out that I had not visited their site in months and if they checked their stats they would see that.  I won't go into details and have no wish to invite a public argument from them.  I will leave it at stating that everything they accused me of was completely false.

I am posting this because I am really trying not to take it personally and I would like to know if this has happened to anyone else here?  When someone accuses you of something so awful, it seems like saying "No I didn't!" is pointless.  I have no illusions that they believe me.  I have no idea what they are saying about me on their forum (I got up the nerve to go to the site for the first time and they have banned me), or anywhere else. 

I work on my site every single day and have developed relationships with readers. I research my material and I work hard on every blog post.  Before I went live, I spent 5 months researching and writing my site pages because I felt a huge responsibility to get it right.

This is incredibly hurtful.  I have been painted with this brush and it is so not who I am.  I even feel guilty despite the fact that I have not done anything wrong.  Then that guilty feeling makes me angry, because I don't deserve it (and Catholic Guilt is powerful even when there is no reason for it).  I feel that my work and my reputation is now tainted.

I am moving on.  Part of me wants to quit, but then who wins?  I know I must grow a thicker skin!

By Charmaine


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