The Hassle Factor

3 years ago

There are so many things I just don't want to do because of  "The Hassle Factor."  Just how much trouble is it going to be to get something done?

The Hassle Factor can be broken down into different categories.

  • Takes Too Much Time
  • Will Create a Big Mess
  • May Ruin My Clothes
  • Need Another Person
  • Hate To Do It
  • Takes Supplies I Don't Have
  • I May Have To Talk To Somebody
  • Too Expensive

Cleaning the Closet

This is one of those things that will fall into more than one category. Not only will it create a big mess, it will take more time than I ever anticipated, and I hate to do it.  It could even involve another person should I ask my husband to clean out his side. You have to create piles of clothes:

  • keep/give away
  • needs fixing
  • maybe it will fit next week/year
  • out of style but I love the color
  • needs shoes to match. 

Oooh, scarves. I have scarves? Have I ever worn a scarf? Maybe I should keep them just in case. Start a "Just In Case" pile.

I never had ugly shoes until I lived in the Northeast for a few years. Now I have several pairs and I'm embarrassed to even wear them to the mailbox, but they keep my feet warm and dry. Luckily I don't have to wear them in the summer. All my shoes are now some shade of brown or black. Yuck.

Changing the Sheets

This isn't something I don't do, it's just all around a hassle. Once you throw the old sheets in the laundry basket, they take up so much room you have to do laundry sooner. Then you have to fold them after they're dry which never turns out well and you wind up wadding them up inside the pillowcase and shoving them into the closet. Then I'll get mad that I can't get anything else in there and have to clean it out.

Calling Anybody About Anything

I hate talking on the phone. There's too much pressure to have something to say. The awkward pauses, my kids always using that particular time to talk to me when they haven't spoken to me in a week. And, that's just pleasant friendly phone calls. I really hate having to make appointments or call for information.  I called the cable company the other day to ask about taking something off our service. I hit the "delete services" button on the phone and waited 20 minutes on hold. I hung up, called back and hit the "add services" button and had someone on the phone in under a minute. Save yourself some time and always ask to add services.

Watching Commercials

I admit, I have no idea what kind of products are available until I go to the store. I do not watch commercials unless they appear to be funny and then they only get that one chance. I think TiVo was the best invention EVER. I can't even watch shows I like on live TV because it seems like such a waste of time and I don't need anyone persuading me to buy stuff.

Taking Things To Storage in the Basement

We have a storage room in the basement with those plastic bins to keep everything off the floor. I have a pile of things on the floor in the room outside the basement that need to be put in the bins. I have a pile of things on the floor upstairs that need to be put downstairs in the pile to be put away. It's a never-ending cycle.

It will involve finding a bin that I can cram more stuff into - this usually involves "seasonal clothes" which I have to go through at the beginning of spring and fall - and I will give away half of the kids' clothes because they don't fit. Essentially I'm just storing them for someone else for the time being.

Tag/Garage/Yard Sales

I've been forbidden to ever have another yard sale. If I paid myself a quarter an hour for the time I spent getting organized for the last one, I'd be in the hole. It seems like such a waste to throw out things you don't use anymore and why not try to get a little return on the money you wasted  spent? I always tried to make sure everything had a price on it, that the items were clean and laid out so you could see them.

"Early Birds" arrive precisely one hour before your posted opening time. Last time I wrote in my ad "Early Birds will be greeted by big, scary dog."  All those people who showed up at 7am thought that was great and could they meet the dog?

I wind up giving away the stuff that didn't sell anyway. I might as well just start there in the first place.

 Going To Work

Obviously, a huge time waster in my book and sometimes I have to talk to actual people. What a hassle.









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