Has your beauty peaked?

4 years ago

I’m not sure what part of this whole story I find more disturbing and insulting, hopefully I’ll have that sorted out by the time I get to the end of this post.

In the car on the way to take the girl child to school this morning the radio DJ’s were discussingthis new study asking men and women at what age they feel a woman’s beauty peaks.  The DJ’s were 4 men and 1 woman, all in their mid 30′s.  Every single man in the studio said they feel a woman is at the peak of her physical beauty between 25-29 years of age.  The lone woman in the booth (also in her mid 30′s) said she felt more beautiful and like she was in better shape now than she was 10 years previously.

I think maybe I heard this story on the wrong day because lately I’ve been really down on my own appearance and then earlier in the week I faced the dreaded doctor’s office scale.  (Why do those things always say you weigh more than the scale at home does??)  On top of an already frustrating week trying to do everything that needs to be done with one hand, now I’m fat and told that my physical beauty has peaked 15 years ago?!

Well, someone just shoot me and put me out of all of our misery then!

I actually like my 40′s quite a bit.  I’m at the age where I no longer feel the need to filter myself, or make myself spend time around people I don’t enjoy being around.  I laugh more.  I appreciate good friends, good food, the little things in life and the big moments!  I’m more confident in every way except my appearance.

I make a weekly promise to myself that I’m going to eek out a few minutes per day to work out or exercise but it never manages to happen so then I berate myself for not taking better care of myself physically.  Apparently that’s okay though because a group of men at Allure magazine are happy to tell me that my physical beauty is a thing of the past anyway!

Does it really matter? No, probably not.  Does it irritate the hell out of me anyway?  Abso-freaking-lutely!

The problem is that as a society we value the beauty of youth in women far more than we value the attractiveness of youth in a man.  Sean Connery anyone?  Hugh Jackman? George Clooney?  You don’t hear anyone saying how they’re hot but they were really at their peak before 30.

If you ever watched The Facts of Life back in the day you will join me in saying Clooney got better with age!



What we need is for society to place the same value on the beauty & attractiveness of a woman over 40 as we do for a man over 40.

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