Happy "V" Day!

9 years ago
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No, I’m not talking about February 14.  I never have much liked that day.  Historically, it just hasn’t gone well for me.

Tia at Clever Girl Goes Blog has assigned me the letter V for the ABC Game.  The concept is that if you want to participate, you leave a comment and ask to be assigned a letter.  The blog author will assign you a letter, and then you post in your own blog 10 things you love that start with that letter.  Tia has a great blog (and I highly recommend you take a look) so I wrote and told her so and asked her to assign me a letter.  She responded back with this, “thank you! will you still love my blog when i tell you your letter is V? good luck!”

At first I thought, “Yeah, thanks a lot Tia.  What the hell starts with V anyway?”  Then I started thinking of everything I possibly could that started with V, and strangely, everything I was coming up with was sexual in nature.  I mean, what comes to your mind?  The first word I thought of was vagina.  I think that’s because of the whole “Vagina Monologues” and V Day thing.  And, while I suppose I’m fond of mine, I’m not sure I “love” it.  And I don’t much think you want to read a whole blog about it either.  So, I kept thinking…Viagra…virgin…vibrator…vulva…  What the hell is it with this letter?!

Anyhow, 24 hours later, I have completed my list.  And it was actually kind of interesting and challenging to come up with, so thank you Tia for not giving me a normal letter like T or S.

twilight-book21.  Vampire.  Okay, you knew that was coming.  And obviously, not just any old vampire, but one in particular.

185228_vacuum_cleaner12.  Vacuuming.  You probably knew that one was coming too.  I don’t know that I so much love the act of vacuuming as much as I love it when my house has been vacuumed.  But it is satisifying, and I do it often.  Just ask X.

1106089_three_sunflower3.  Vincent VanGogh.  As a former art teacher, I realize it’s probably rather cliche to say that VanGogh is one’s favorite artist, but he really is mine.  I have both “Sunflowers” and “Irises” in my kitchen.  My favorite though is “Starry Night,” which, now that I think of it, I do not have in my house.  I must remedy that situation.

1083439_eye_glasses4.  Vision.  It might be strange for someone who has such poor vision to say she loves vision.  Maybe that’s exactly why I love mine so much.  I’ve had to work very hard for it.  And I do truly love art, nature, decorating, just beauty in general, so I love having vision to see those things.  (And of course there’s the whole idea of having a “vision” for one’s life, for the future, for a goal, whatever, but really, I meant it more literally.)

421668_cola5.  Vanilla Diet Coke.  I really prefer Diet Pepsi to Diet Coke (Which by the way, brings up another beef I have with Wal-mart.  Mine has stopped carrying caffeine free Diet Pepsi.  What the hell is up with that?!  Can they do that?  I mean, NONE.  To two-liters, no cans, no bottles, NONE.  Maybe it is being held hostage somewhere along with the cotton balls.)  But the exception is when I can get vanilla Diet Coke.  That is really my favorite favorite.

778143_violets_and_lace6.  Violets.  Okay, so this is the one on my list I’m most ambivalent about.  Violets are not my favorite flowers.  But I do actually like shower gel, candles, etc… that are violet scented.  Which I’m not sure is truly what violets smell like.  Anyway, it was a toss up between violets and Victor Newman.  And I don’t so much like Victor as I like Young and the Restless in general.  So, I went with violets.

1107018_rest_and_relaxation7.  Vacation.  When I say “vacation” I don’t mean actually going anywhere.  I actually don’t much like that.  But I love being on vacation from work.

578107_vote_here_woman8.  Voting.  I’m really not just jumping on the bandwagon here because this was the year it was “in” to vote.  I have voted in most elections since I turned 18.  And I like that I live in a country where I’m allowed to do that.

753397_veggie_delight_19.  Vegetables.  I’m working on the whole vegetarian thing.  Not quite there.  But I do truly love eating vegetables.  More than fruit.  Strange I know.  Brocolli is my favorite, and when I was a kid, you couldn’t have gotten me near brocolli.

551329_headphone_guy10.  Voice.  I love to sing.  I love to talk.  I love to listen to other people sing (not so much to talk).  And, going back to the voting thing, I like being able to “have a voice” in what goes on in the world.

So, there it is.  My ABC Game list.  Interesting thing to think about for a day.  If you want to play along, post it in the comments, and I’ll assign you a letter.

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