Happy thought #10: Meat! (Vegetarians beware!)


WARNING.  This post is for carnivores only.  Vegetarians will likely be offended…proceed with caution.

I used to be a vegetarian for nearly 10 years.  I might have eaten a little chicken or fish if someone else were to cook it.  If I ever saw it raw though, forget it.  My appetite would be turned right off.

When my husband was alive he was a big meat eater.  He cooked all the meat in the house.  If he knew a carnivore was coming for dinner, he’d enthusiastically prepare ribs, or fry up steak, or throw some chicken wings in the oven.  He loved meat.

When he died I thought, if my daughter is going to get the nutrients from meat that I think she needs for her growing development, I have to cook it.

It’s amazing the things I’ve found I can do when there’s no alternative left.  Instead of avoiding the meat section of the grocery store, I found myself salivating over organic chicken and bright red lamb.  As my good friend said, “If God didn’t want us to eat meat, He wouldn’t have made it taste so good!”

If only my late husband could see me now!

This whole scenario reached a new level when a neighbour gave away a pair of tiger print boots.  I eagerly snatched them up.  A few days later I headed out to dinner at a friends’ house.  They knew I used to be a vegetarian, so they warned me they were thinking of having chicken that night.

“No problem” I said.  “I’ll be there with my tiger boots on!”

I don’t know where my sweet, innocent vegetarian side has disappeared to, but as my late husband used to say, “How do you like me now?!”




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