Happy Earth Day! Six Ways to Honor the Day and Fundraise Along the Way

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It's Earth Day so we've found 6 ways to honor the day and even some to raise funds along the way. From clean-out to clean-up, check out these perfect Earth Day and Green Week activities to brighten up your day. •    •    •    •    •  

It's Earth Day and that conjures up quite a few images.  Sunshine, green grass, flowers....and clean up!

We have found ways to take that last image - "clean up" - and turn it into some GREEN for your organization.

In honor of Earth Day and Green Week, it's the perfect time to look for ways to not only clean up your community, but to possibly raise some money for your organization.  Here are some ideas that could be implemented either independently as a single-day event, or during a week-long celebration of Green Week festivities.

  • Sell flowers, plants and bulbs through Flower Power or a local grower.
  • Set up a shop-and-share at a local nursery.
  • Organize a Spring cleanup around your school, community garden or community center.
  • Our Pintrest page has some ideas on how to host a school garage sale or trunk sale
  • If you are in the Chicagoland area, have a group like Chicago Textile Recycling come for either a one day "Pack the Truck" event or for a pick-up after a week-long "Go Green, Get Green" collection.  CTR accepts any gently used textiles like clothing, shoes and purses, household textiles such as linens and draperies - they even take stuffed animals and plush toys.  You collect the items and CTR takes them away and pays your group by the pound.  And even better, 90% of the material is recycled!

45% of donated items are worn as second hand clothing
30% of donated items are recycled into wiping cloths
15% of donated items are reprocessed into fibers
5% of donated items are unusable

  • Collect and recycle printer cartridges, toner, cell phones, iPods and digital cameras, and send them to CURE Recycling.  Not only does your group get fundraising dollars, a portion of the funds goes to pediatric cancer research.  They even send you labels for free shipping!  A win-win-win!

After your event, you can serve some tasty treats like these...

 Found on recipebyphoto.com Found on recipebyphoto.com

Do you do something special in honor of Earth Day or Green Week?  Let us know about it!

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