The Hamster Wheel (aka another rut cycle)

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I read this great article today by Karen Kimsey-House, a master-certified life coach and writer for the Huffington Post. Today of all days, I needed her words more than she knew. Maybe you're feeling the same? She writes about the Hamster Wheel of Life, very similar to my explanation of the "rut cycle". She speaks of the Hamster Wheel as the myth that we all buy into of if we do more or have more we will BE MORE. And this simply isn't true. We run ourselves ragged trying to constantly be more, but it's an impossible feat as there will always BE MORE to BE in the world.



We need to examine our lives--and I mean really examine. I like Karen's questions of: Why are you doing what you're doing? Are you doing it because you should or is it coming from inside you from a genuine desire? Most of us deal with the "shoulds" of life when we need to be focused on our deepest, most authentic wants. I don't want to live a life of shoulds...I want to live one of fulfilled goals.



So, how do we get off of the Hamster Wheel? Karen has a succient list:



1. Understand your value doesn't reside in what you make or do.
2. Decide that you want to get off The Hamster Wheel and live inside out instead of the opposite. Make who you are in your relationship with people more important than what you make or build.
3. Do an inventory and get clear on what's most important to you.
4. Develop a morning practice of some kind that helps you connect to what's most important to you. It can be just a few minutes. Do the same each evening before bed.
5. Practice staying grounded and centered inside yourself during the day.
6. Throughout the day, pay attention to your physiology. When you notice a treadmill feeling, stop and breathe. Look out the window. Walk around. Look at nature. Better yet, go outside for a short walk if you can. When you resume what you're doing, slow down a little.
7. Accept that everything is never going to be done. Tasks are infinite. So be mindful of where you choose to put your attention -- put it on what's important rather than just what's in front of you.



I really like all of them, but #7 spoke volumes to my day. Are you stuck on the Hamster Wheel? How will you get off of it? Try out some of the above suggestions and then tell me about it! I'd love to hear about your success!



Click here to read Karen's full article. 



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