Hacker Fail

4 years ago

Hmph. So far my experiments have failed. Or I have failed at doing my experiments. Or something like that! See, we’re moving today, and while I had good intentions and all that, I actually thought that trying some hacks would help me prepare. But it suddenly seemed like investing in making the muffin tin eggs was a really big deal and maybe not the best use of my time with 12 hours until the movers arrived.

What I did manage to do was find a light alarm clock app for my iPad. It’s called LightWake and costs id="mce_marker".99. In principle it’s really neat. It allows you to set a wake up period over which the light of the screen gets brighter and brighter, you can add a sound (such as chirping birds or crashing waves), and set a backup alarm in case the gentler wake up options fail.

My first concern with the app is that it has to remain active all night long. You can’t let the iPad go to sleep or it will inactivate. The second is that the “darkness mode,” which ostensibly turns off the screen, doesn’t really turn off the screen. It makes it black, but it still glows. In the dark bedroom the faint bluish glow certainly offers more light than I’d like. The third problem is a result of the first two: overnight my charge went from 57% to 11%. Huge battery sucker, this app.

When I woke up on the couch this morning at 6:15, courtesy of the dog licking my foot, my husband said, “Your new alarm clock definitely isn’t going to work if you’re not even in the same room with it.” Umm, yeah. 

So remember that insomnia pattern I mentioned? Last night was a textbook case of it. I woke at 2:30, tried to fall back asleep, took some ibuprofen for some muscular pain I was having and lay there, quietly. Sometimes this works. Last night it didn’t. Around 3:15 I decided to read, and after about 20-30 minutes I started to drift. I set my book aside (I read a nook, set on dark mode so that the screen is black) and lay there quietly, again. After another 20 minutes or so I got up and took my nook and pillow downstairs. I made a small bit of granola and milk and went to read on the couch in the dark. I last remember checking the clock at about 5:10. And then about an hour later the lick woke me. 

Tonight we’ll be sleeping in a new house. No idea how dark or quiet, warm or cool it will be. I doubt we’ll unpack the kitchen enough to make anything for dinner or breakfast. Today’s lifehack is called “let other people cook for you.” I think we’ll have dinner at the Korean place and pick up some bread and pastries for breakfast tomorrow. Must unearth the coffeemaker, though.

This morning's alarm clock.
This morning's alarm clock.
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