Gym Update #2

3 years ago

This week, we've all settled into a routine. After dinner, there's a little time for us all to hang out before Baby Boy and I head to the gym. Hun has noted the time for me and even asked if I were going this week. I know Baby Boy going with me to the gym helps Hun to get a few things done while we're gone, but his asking is supportive to me. Hun also does the dishes each night, without my asking, as a way to help and provide support for me working out again.

Baby Boy has done well all week at Kid Kare and seems to get along well with other children while he's there. He does get pretty fussy around the time to leave and as he sees other children's parents coming for them. Thursday night I was even told that Baby Boy handles another child around his age, tackling him and doesn't retaliate or anything. All the staff members seem to enjoy working with Baby Boy as well, which is a relief.

Now on to the progress:

Weight: 153.2lbs

Activities: The week I followed through with the workout plan I adapted from an old Women's Health magazine I have. I also attended 2 classes, both were cardio-dance focused. I enjoyed them and got a good workout from both instructors.

Attendance: 5 days for between 1 and 1.5hrs.

Overall Progress: A couple of times this week, I had a niggling to do more, but I resisted. I resisted because I think it's important that I keep taking it a bit slow. Hun did say that some parts are starting to have better shape again! That's definitely encouraging!! I noticed while doing the modified beginner Pilates routine, that I am gaining a bit of core strength back, too. Although I've kept my cardio to walking on a treadmill or using a low setting on the elliptical, I have done 25-30mins. at a time.

Personal Thoughts and Feelings: I am definitely feeling better. I'm feeling good about myself and am getting more comfortable in the gym. Thursday evening, I even caught myself looking in the mirror as I dressed to leave. Following both classes I attended this week, I felt good physically and mentally. I am noticing my body movements outside the gym improving, as well as being able to keep the same rhythm while working out. I'm proud of myself thus far!!

Here's the plan, for now:

3 Week Workout Plan

Not incredibly important and definitely not part of working out, but of note for me (and possibly other mothers/parents), in going to the gym I'm guaranteed at least 4 or 5 showers, A-L-O-N-E and without even audible child-related interruptions! This made me smile a couple of times this week, so I thought I'd share.

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