Gun Control and Prepare dness

5 years ago
Maybe the husband and I have been watching too much Fringe and doomsday preppers but after reading this blog I am looking at our Government a little differently. You know, I am from the great state of Texas and fully support the 2nd amendment  On the other hand, I’ve only held a gun once in my lifetime and don’t particularly make it a point to be near them. My husband went to go try and buy a new gun online last night and everything he looked at was out of stock back ordered or the company changed their policy to suspend the sale of firearms. It’s kinda disconcerting. I just feel you shouldn’t take away a persons right to protect themselves. Is the president telling all of his guards to surrender their guns? Of course not!? The world is on a short downward spiral and it started when we took God out of our schools and out of our America. Our President today on gun control, ”It’s encouraging that people…have been willing to challenge some old assumptions and change their long-held positions,” Obama said. “That conversation must continue. But this time, the words need to lead the action.” Scary!! I guess its a good thing we’ve been really getting into survival preparedness. The prepping thing is fun to me. My husband and I aren’t going overboard and stocking a years worth of food and doing bug out training but we do set aside certain things in our, “school room” that we think might be of use in a SHTF situation or a natural disaster. We’re always picking up little things here and there and adding a little extra to our grocery list. In a way, I long for a simpler healthier lifestyle with no electricity to distract us from staying close to God. I love the idea of growing our own non GMO laden produce and slaughtering our own grass fed livestock antibiotic free. Although, In a SHTF situation though there’d be a very large gap of pain and suffering before coming to the calm and peace of simple living. But alas that is just a dream appropriately saved for us when we decide to retire one day.
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