GROWING UP POOR....Victim or VICTOR......Claim Your Power...


I grew up poor……and it has made me in part what I am today…..Simply Fabulous….I often say “Let your story be your healing “ or “Let Your Story help heal someone else…” I see so many VICTIMS out in the world who live their lives as victims….Yes, there are people who have been through horrendous things in life and yet live life as VICTORS not victims…It is all in the mentality one chooses….

Our house growing up was by the railroad tracks…..Every time the train came (4 times daily) the whole house shook….Our dishes shook, our furniture shook, and one could not hear the other talk till the train went by. We would have to pick up the dishes some of the time that fell out of the cabinets from the vibration of the train…..

My Mom and I would go to the court house steps every two weeks to pick up a box of Commodities (before food stamps came about)….We never knew what we would get in that box….My Mom called it the “Surprise Box…” Sometimes it was flour, milk, eggs, fruit, and a piece of meat….Sometimes there was even a candy bar….Yummm…

My clothes were hand-me-downs…..Mismatched boots and gloves made from socks…….I remember gluing my soles to my shoes back on to keep them going……Our car was old and rusted….The tires bald….At one point the car would not go forward and I remember my brother who had just got his license had to drive backwards all the way home….My Mother wired the hood to the car numerous times to keep it going…..I remember us pushing the car down the road more than once….

I remember during those times we cooked everything from scratch….and we always had plenty to eat…I learned to cook fabulous meals at a very young age for almost pennies……

I didn’t get a Barbie doll till I got older….I got a Midge Doll. The BOY (Yes boy) next door got a beautiful Barbie….I so wanted one (He was the “rich boy”) …but I got a Midge (Barbie’s cousin) because it was about half the price….We couldn’t afford a Barbie…..

Our classrooms way back then were sort of separated….The kids with the nicest clothes sat on one side and the kids that were from the poor parts of town sat on the other….I sat on the “other….” As poor kids we were treated differently than the kids that were from families that were not poor….

When I was a little older my Mom remarried the “rich man” in our small town. I thought he was rich because he owned a nice house and a new car….So that made us rich in my mind….I was so proud….Now I was looking OUT the window instead of IN at other people’s lives who had it nice…..


Truly it is better to be looking out then in….and yet I wouldn’t exchange those early poor days for anything….I became determined in my life as a result….I remember dreaming of Hollywood at a young age….I would try to curl my hair with old soup cans and I would smear cold cream all over my face thinking it made me look beautiful…..I was so determined to get to Hollywood that I even wrote Walt Disney a letter to win a contest……I was determined to be a VICTOR and not a victim to my circumstances….I didn’t let being poor keep me back….I let it push me forward…..

My Whole life has been about being a VICTOR and not a Victim….I have pushed forwards all throughout life, every inch of the way…to my dreams…..Very little was simply handed me in life….I had to work for it….Any great experience came with work on my part….Yes, I was envious of those who had it all so easily when I had to work for mine…..But then again, they didn’t get to be ME……and the me I became as a result of having to had to work for my dreams rather than my dreams handed to me made me into who I am today…..

So many people simply want to live their lives playing the victim….The victim to what has happened to them….Yes, some people do have a right to feel like a victim…and yet, I find it is those people that truly become the Victors….The ones that seem to play victim are the ones that didn’t have to push too hard in life to get what they want…..

Victim mentality is everywhere it seems. Everyone seems to be a victim of something in our society here in America….and it is weakening who we are as a country…..For our country wasn’t built upon a bunch of victims….It was built on people who sacrificed and overcame the odds of life that were thrown at them….to become VICTORIOUS in life…..

Yes, growing up poor was not such a bad thing now looking back…..It made me who I am today…..



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