Grounded for Life

7 years ago

Alex, my cat, was always an indoor cat.  However, on occasion, and under supervision, my husband and I would let him go outside.

He loved to sun himself on the deck.


He also loved to lounge in the beach chairs.

One day a few summers ago, Marc and I were outside having a glass of wine and making dinner on the barbeque.  From nowhere, a stray cat appeared.  Unlike the strays that reside by the beach, and keep to themselves, this cat was extremely friendly.  He came right up to me and Marc.  We felt sorry for the cat, so we gave him a can of food.

As the night wore on, the cat never left. By the time Marc and I were ready to eat, the cat decided to hop on one of the chairs as if to join us for dinner.  Marc and I thought this was very cute.  However, Alex must have sensed something, because ran downstairs and appeared at the doorway hissing and screaming.  Realizing that this stray cat was upsetting Alex, we shooed him away.

About an hour passed without a peep from Alex or another visit from the stray.  We thought we were forgiven by Alex.  However, as soon as I opened the door to bring in our dishes, Alex ran out of the house to chase after the cat, which must have been lurking nearby.  Marc and I never saw Alex run so fast.  We had no idea where he went.  Also, since he was an indoor cat, we knew he had no idea how to get back home, or how to avoid cars. 

Petrified Marc and I started running barefoot through the yard and through the streets screaming his name. Thankfully, Marc decided to go back to the house to get a pair of shoes so he could run better.  By the bushes that border our yard, he found Alex sitting in the dirt, totally scared.  He scooped him up, and brought him into the house.

Ever since that day, Alex has been grounded for life.  He is not allowed outside at all, except if one of us is holding him.  Marc and I are fine with this arrangement. Alex on the other hand, doesn’t know why his is punished.  After all, if you ask him, he will tell you he didn’t do anything wrong.  He can’t control the fact that he has stupid parents!

Do you have a cat?  Does it stay inside, outside or both?

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