Great NaBloPoMo Posts from Our First Week

5 years ago

November's NaBloPoMo is off and running, and the great posts are pouring in. We had two featured member posts this week, one by Finding Rebecca where she confided that she doesn't feel like a good mother.  She admitted,

"You're a good mom."

Oh yeah? Do good moms roll their eyes when their kids say "watch me" and beg you to watch them do a pirouette for the millionth time... that hour? Do good moms "lose" the Wii remote just so they don't have to play Just Dance Kids when they are too tired? Do good moms lie about not eating all the Reeses Peanut Butter Cups out of their kids Halloween candy? Do good moms eat them in the first place?

In all the confessions she also discovered all the good she had done this week, and promised the reader that regardless of how they've judged themselves, they're good mothers too.

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Our other featured post was an emotional one from Cindyhuber about her stepson's tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that this year, he'll be home for Thanksgiving.  She reached out to others who are currently walking in similar shoes with their sons and daughters far from home, serving in the armed forces. 

We've also had over 1600 posts this first week alone on the NaBloPoMo open threadBeyond the Masquerade told us what was going on in her head during last week's blog posts.

I tend to wander deep into my thoughts and most of the time, over think. I get paranoid about how I come across with other people, what they think of me. I see the darkest in everything including my understanding of friendship and whether I have any, and yet when I’m doing other things, keeping myself occupied, I believe I have a few friends, of sorts; I’m happy, I’m busy, I’m enjoying what I’m doing, and I rarely care what people think of me. Why is this?

It's a moving post about the emotions that bubbled out last week.  We also read Rubber Chicken Madness's important post about women's suffrage as well as musings on what life would have been like for women in the 1800s.  It was one of the best "please vote" posts I read all week.

So, what did you find as you read through your fellow NaBloPoMo'ers?

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