Great Gifts Less Than $10 for Tweens

Yikes! Holiday is almost here and I'm not done shopping. Time to pull out the cheat sheet. In my day job, I spend the year hunting for the best gifts for kids in each grade, from preschool through high school. This year, we decided to pick the best gifts that cost under $10.

If you're feeling thrifty this season, check it out. Here are three great picks for tweens that will only set you back a ten-note or less:

Boom Ball Extreme Paddles and Ball

Is it a drum or a racket game? It's both. Every time your child hits the ball, her paddle makes a satisfying "boom". Volleys bring some major aural action, giving this typical beach or backyard game a fun twist. This paddle ball set builds gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination on the fly. And it makes some super cool noises in the process.  A great way to get your child engaged in physical activity! (Cadaco, $9.95)



This robotic creature is a great example of the ways in which the tiniest things in life can bring big pleasure. While it's basic as can be, there is just something about this little bug that inspires fascination!  The Hexbug is a robot that reacts to touch and sound. When the bug senses an obstacle with its antennae, it backs up and starts off in a new direction. Turn it on, and watch it go! Then talk about how it works to jump-start an interest in electronics. (Innovation First, $9.99)


World of Goo

Kids have been experimenting with the physics of building since they first put one block on top of another. This engaging game takes the challenge of defying gravity to gooey new levels of fun. Players construct towers, bridges and other structures out of wiggly (and very cute) gobs of goo in order to complete a series of puzzles of increasing complexity. Though it starts out simple enough, the challenges quickly get complicated, and tweens and teens (not to mention their parents) will likely get the most out of the addictive game play. (Brighter Minds, $8.76)

For cool gear at all price levels, check out's full list, or better yet, steal the widget! And if you've got any other cheapie ideas, send them my way. I have a feeling I'll be shopping this year until the final hour...

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