Great Gift Ideas for Planner Lovers

3 years ago

Take a look at your holiday gift list, does someone on that list love planners?

If so, you're one lucky person.

Planner people are pretty easy to shop for, which might seem kind of strange since they also have very strong opinions about specific planners and planning styles. Trust me, I'm a planner lover with strong opinions about planners and I will point you in the right direction.

First, if you don't know much about your planner person's planner style, ask her. She might be a little shy about talking about her planner at first, because sometimes people look at you oddly when you ramble about your planner, but give her a little encouragement and she'll tell you all you need to know. (I'm using "her" because it's easier to stick with one pronoun. Men love planners, too. Many of these ideas will work for the male planner people in your life. I promise.)

You might also ask her to show you her planner. Even if you're in a coffee shop or at the park, odds are high that she has at least one planner in her purse or her backpack. If you get a peek at her planner and see that she uses stickers, your shopping is going to be super easy.

If you see color of any kind, you're going to have any easy time finding a great gift. If you don't see any stickers or colorful tape or flags, that will tell you something, too. So, just ask for a peek but don't read her planner closely, that's rude unless she specifically encourages you to do so.

You could even start a conversation with, "What kind of planner do you use?" and move to "Have you ever tried a Midori Traveler-style planner?" or "Did you know there are two new Heidi Swapp planners?" or "Have you ever tried bullet journaling?"

Gauge her interest in those types of questions because most of us, even if we are hardcore Filofax or Erin Condren planner lovers, are very interested in all the planners. You might find out that she's like me and would KILL for a Traveler style planner, (even though I'm loyal to the Filofax brand.)

Let's say you've done those things, or you know your planner person well enough to already know the answers to some of those questions, or you've seen her planner(s) before and know her planning style. Now comes the fun part—the shopping!

Every single planner person who has a smartphone will love the Polaroid Zip. (I have a Fuji Instax Share and I really, really wish I had the Zip, sigh.) It allows you to very easily print photo stickers from your phone that are the perfect size for any planner. They are especially awesome for an Erin Condren or Happy Planner style, but they will work in pretty much any planner at all. (I have two different sizes of Filofaxes and the stickers are awesome in those.) It's pretty affordable at $129.

Next, every single planner person you will ever meet loves pens almost as much as she loves planners. She might love pens more, actually. So why not surprise her with a really nice mini fountain pen?

I'm coveting the Kaweco Skyline Sport. I like the TWSBI Mini, too but I'm lazy and I tend to not refill pens when they run out of ink. I'm much better about inserting a new cartridge. Also, the TWSBI Mini is around $50 and the Kaweco is around $25.

Kaweco sport fountain pen

Your planner lover probably needs a new pouch to carry her pens or stickers or post-it notes, or flags. My personal favorite pouches are by Alisa Burke. I own a wristlet and I've ordered a few as gifts for others. They're high quality, hold a ton of pens and they are gorgeous. Order one, she'll love it. (Note: they sell out quickly every time she restocks -- if she's sold out today, keep an eye on her blog for a message saying she's restocked! This is the one I own.)

Alisa Burke pouches and wristlets

If your planner person has a Traveler-style planner, check out the Rhodia Side Staplebound journals. The paper is A-MAZ-ING and she may not have splurged on that paper for herself. Heck, even if she doesn't have a Traveler-style planner, she'll probably love a little Rhodia notepad -- I would.

Rhodia side staplebound journals

Speaking of Traveler-style planners. I want one. I need one. I've been waiting for my son to make one for me but I'm tired of waiting. I am going to have to buy it for myself if one doesn't appear under my Christmas tree. I'm leaning toward the Cherry Italian Ice from Naked Cow, (with the floating envelopes, a riveted pen loop, black stitching and two page-holder bands.) I also love the FoxyDoris, so take a look at those if the Naked Cow is a little too spendy for you. If you don't want to buy leather, you can check out planners from Notions of Love—they're awesome. It's unlikely that any planner lover in the world would turn up her nose at one of these, even if she's brand loyal to another style planner. (If she does, send her to me because I'd love to meet her.)

Next stop -- stickers. You can go into any craft store and find stickers, but I highly recommend you head to Etsy instead. Check out these shops and go with some cute but slightly generic choices.

Don't choose full-page layouts, unless you are absolutely sure your planner person likes that kind of thing, (if you got a peek at her journal, you'll know for sure!) You won't go wrong with a page of cute little yoga stickers if your planner person does yoga. Or with coffee stickers if your planner person enjoys going to coffee shops. One page each of a few different stickers and you'll make her day.

While you're at Etsy, do a search for "planner clips" and see if you can find something absolutely perfect for your planner person. You can also search for a particular design of a planner clip based on what the person you're shopping for likes. So, if you were shopping for me, you'd search for "flamingo planner clips" or "coffee planner clips" and there you go, perfection! Also, how cute are these super-hero clips? Adorbs. Or, you can play it safe and go with something like this. I love them ... I wonder if they come in orange. I should check.

planner clips

You can also go big and buy one of the new planner kits from MAMBI or Heidi Swapp. Not every planner addict will find a use for a new planner but most of us would enjoy trying. (It took everything I had not to buy a MAMBI for myself last weekend, when I was buying a couple of planners for people on my own shopping list .)

You can find these kits at Michaels or Hobby Lobby for less than $40 and both stores have 40-50% off coupons pretty much every weekend which makes these very affordable -- and fun. (*The Heidi Swapp is ONLY available at Michaels.) If you go with the MAMBI, be sure to check out the accessories that come with it. Expander rings, extra envelopes or covers -- they've all been on clearance at my local Michaels and are worth the splurge.

One last idea, particularly if you know your planner person loves to really decorate her planner pages: Order one of these awesome planner subscription boxes. This is the gift that keeps on giving and she's going to love opening her mailbox every month.

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