Grateful Monday! What are you Living into?

5 years ago

What Are You Living Into?


This one is easy… I am living into POSSIBILITY!  I have been ‘living into’ possibility for several years now.  The entire Playful Planet path has been one of living into possibility, and even with bumps and bruises and challenges along the way, I continue to live into the possibility of my life being about inspiring kids to a life of health and sustainability from a young age.  To me, the bottom line is, I desire that children, early on, can ‘GET’ that they matter – and that they are powerful in their own world. Erin Ross, a dear friend of mine has started a whole movement: Get That You Matter, and I love her work, and want to help to raise up children that will see her work, and KNOW that it is true.

I have to admit, especially with the imminent November elections, that I sometimes get discouraged with the whole system— the political gridlock, the power of greed and how it is played out over and over, and the seeming impotence of any one individual to create meaningful change.  And THEN I think about people in history (like the Ghandi’s and Lincoln’s and MLK’s of the world,) who did make a difference, and who did create change and who did have a positive impact in the world, and I remember: Anything is Possible.  And, I also know that there are MANY people out there today creating huge waves of goodness in the world.  When I am living into possibility, I get that I am among them, and in whatever way, small or large, that I am able to, I will do my part. 


Its an interesting time for Playful Planet with some changes happening internally and some exciting new products nearly ready to share with the world, so I am grateful today that I get to Live Into the POSSIBILITY that it is ALL happening perfectly!!

Stay Playful, Playful Karen

What Are You Living Into?

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Stay Playful, Karen

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