Grateful Monday Post: What Impact do you have your your Community?

5 years ago

What Impact Do You Have On Your Community?* Ah, this is one of those super uncomfortable questions for me to answer. Why? I don’t know why. Theories abound. It’s not polite to pump oneself up … it’s immodest … women are self-effacing … I have low self-esteem issues … WHATEVER! Really, it doesn’t matter so much, except for me to realize that OF COURSE I have some impact on my community, so now can I look to see where that impact is positive and simply OWN that? My desire is to have a positive impact on the world through the work we have chosen to do here at Playful Planet — empowering kids and their families to be healthy and live sustainably. And while I would love to claim SUCCESS in that endeavor, I can’t honestly say we have reached a critical mass to indicate impact on the WORLD! Perhaps, one child who was introduced to yoga and a more connected way of being in the world will grow up to be a great leader of peace and justice… maybe then I will see that impact. But until then, I will look a little closer in my daily life and see what we’ve got… I just returned home from my daughter’s school because tonight was our Parent Network meeting. We are at a small charter school and the parent network is our version of a PTA. I have accepted the job of being Secretary on that committee and because of that I show up at (mostly) all the meetings. And because of that, I stay informed of the challenges that the school faces (for example, if you are in CA reading this, you may want to know that our great state ranks 48th in ‘per child’ spending in our schools!) And because I have that information, I am motivated to help out where I can when we are putting on fundraisers and doing whatever we can to make up for the economic shortfall. And because of that, I am a participating member in this particular community and the impact I have is that I help to keep this phenomenal little Montessori based charter school going. So there. I guess that wasn’t as hard as I made it about to be. How about you? What Impact Do You Have On Your Community?* *Questions provided by Cafe Gratitude and their daily ‘Question of the Day’ program that helps facilitate ‘clear and present’ employees at their amazing Cafes. Stay Playful, Playful Karen

Stay Playful, Karen

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