Why doesn't blog reading count towards your reading goals on GoodReads? Seriously, think about the amount of time we spend reading blogs. A weeks worth of blog reading is at least half of a novel, if not more! I find all kinds of "good reads" in the blogosphere. 
What gives 'GoodReads? 
Why you gotta' be hatin' on the blogging community like that?

Heyyyy.. I may have found a new cause to Facebook about! 
Why not? 
Have you seen some of the causes that come across Facebook??

This one was my favorite last year.
Mormon Feminists - Feminist LDS women protest wearing pants to church!
'Wear Pants To Church'
2013 marked their 2nd year of protesting. Seriously???? You've got time on your hands, an opportunity to protest, fight for a cause and you choose THIS? What the hell is wrong with people???

I used to be LDS, technically I still am. I don't go to church but I haven't been excommunicated - obviously the powers that be in Utah haven't read my blog. - But in all fairness to the LDS church, I've never had this problem and I've worn pants to church! If it was cold out, this girl was in pants. Yes, some of the members would give me a "look" but nobody ever said anything to me. Even the Bishop (Pastor) and a couple of the church Elders gave me a "look" but I told 'em, "Hey, I'm pretty sure God doesn't want me catching pneumonia just to be here. I'm pretty sure He doesn't care what I wear just as long as I show up." And ya' know what the Bishop said? "You're absolutely right." And we all laughed. Over and done.

That being said I find this quote from the article highlighted above - "Yet despite threats of violence against women who dared to arrive at church without their usual dresses." -  to be absolutely ridiculous and I call bullshit. 
Seriously? Threats of violence??? 
Trust me the Mormon Mafia has bigger fish to fry.. Like those crazy, radical Mormon Elders protesting the wearing of suits and ties!

I swear to buddah, some people would bitch if they were hung with a new rope!

Typically when you go to church you dress nice, for most men that's slacks and a tie. For most women it's a dress. Holy hell, get over it already!


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