Gone but not forgotten

5 years ago

where blogs go to die

I have a retired blog, one that ran for more than three years. I had over 1,000 posts and nearly 20,000 comments. I'm not saying that in any way to brag, not that it's much to boast about, but only to illustrate that I was actively publishing my stuff there.

It closed nearly two years ago. Toward the end of its run, I started to hate it. I dreaded opening the admin pages, dreading writing, dreaded posting. It had become a burden that I chose not to bear. So, I said good-bye and took some time to consider what I wanted to do - did I want to completely stop blogging, or start over with a new focus.

In less than 24 hours I opened my "Thin spiral notebook"... a place where I can concentrate on just writing, just photography, and not feel like I had to bear my soul if I didn't want to. It's a happier place for me, somewhere I enjoy being, and hopefully those of you who stop by have enjoyed something here too.

Occasionally, when I'm feeling nostalgic, I recycle some articles from that site. (Please don't try to find it. I've set it to private, but there are most likely some cached articles out there.) While looking for an old post, I  read through my blogroll. Many of my then online friends are still around, maybe at new addresses, but after almost five years, we're still in touch.

Some, sadly, have vanished entirely. A few others haven't updated their sites in months, or years. Then there are even more who have stopped blogging, but are active on other social media sites. I can completely understand, it could have as easily been me who quit.

These absences did, however; illustrate how tenuous blogging has become. I don't have nearly the number of readers I once did, not nearly the number of commenters. It's not anything like it was just a couple of years ago.

Of course, there could be other reasons for that change, other than the slow death of blogging.

Sometimes I wonder if, now that I no longer whine about my life and the struggles that my family has gone through, my blog isn't as interesting. Misery does love company, and everyone loves a good sob story. It's more likely that my current content is simply not as captivating as I hope it is.

I don't believe people read blogs like they used to. It's simpler and faster to tweet something or update a status. I think we have lost something precious. There's still a sense of community, but that community has dwindled... shrunk down to 140 characters, or into cliché-ish circles or groups.

We don't talk to each other like we used to. We don't sit on the porch, sipping sweet tea, and gossiping like we used to. We've lost something, and I'd like it back.

Tara R.
Thin spiral notebook

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