God created you in his IMAGE -You were made perfect!

As I was reading this morning, I started thinking about all of the things people do to change how they were made. From plastic surgery, Botox, lipo-suction etc., people are trying to change things as if God made a mistake when they were created. People go into debt doing procedures or buying things that they truly can't afford to impress people that they don't like or that don't like them. I understand that we all what to look our best but, I believe we get caught up in trying to look like someone else. God only created one of you Uniquely and I am personally glad about that (unless you have a twin) and even if you do you are not the same.

We have allowed the media to tell us we are not good looking enough, thin enough, tall enough etc., and my question is Who has the power to decide the standards? It is my belief that only the creator can set the standards and God loves us all. We need to stop measuring ourselves against  the Beyonces, Halle Berrys etc, of the world and love ourselves completely. Don't be fooled by looks, for people who may be drop dead gorgeous may be morally bankrupt, vain or inhumane on the inside. I would rather be who God created me to be and serve his purpose than to me a cloan image of what man says is right.

We all were created in the image and likeness of GOD and as far as I know GOD did not create any junk. We must remember that people judge from the outward apperance but, God looks at the heart. If you adopt God's standards and not man's you will live a more fulfilled and happy life. Start appreciating yourself today and when you start to doubt, look in the mirror and say "I was created by the Master Designer God and I am all ready great"!



Cee Cee H. Caldwell-Miller, MA, CLC

Diamond Enterprises Int'l/A Healthier U Lifestyle Co.

Founder/President/Holistic Practitioner



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