Goal Setting for Future Success

4 years ago

Are you pursuing goals that others want for you or goals you think you should do?   That’s the million dollar question isn’t it?  So sit down take a minute and answer that question as honestly as you can.  Throughout my career I have seen just how important it is to set goals. I’ve also come to realise that people who make more money, or have the finer things in life do not necessarily set more meaningful or effective goals. So if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, teacher, writer, athlete, mom, artist, or business owner, you can use goals to go as far as you want and reach your greatest potential.  Now who wouldn’t want to give that a go?  A little test to see if this works for you... why not you’ve got nothing to lose right?

So let’s simplify the process:
1. No goals = Leaving your potential on the table.
2. Vague goals = Leaving your potential on the table.
3. Goals without action = Leaving your potential on the table.

By the way, there is tons of research to suggest that setting and achieving goals leads to a happier and more fulfilling life. So from the above points we can see just how simple the process is – have a goal = put it into action = do not sit and think it will come knocking on your door without doing your bit to make it reality.  Or said clearly Goals + Choices + Commitment = Your Results.


Here are five strategies to get you going, these are fool proof and following them will only increase your success rate:
1. Write Down Your Goals 
Are you like so many people who like to keep everything in their mind instead of on paper? The thing you should know about that is you’re less likely to follow through on your goals. 
When you write down your goals, you start to see where you want to go and it’s easier to make decisions because you have a destination. It’s easier to see what you do want once you start to write it out, it becomes clearer, more defined.  Consider taking 15 minutes to write down your goals in each part of your life (i.e. Career, Relationships, Healthy Living, Fun & Creativity, Finances, and Personal Growth).  See what it is you really want, where your goals are really taking you.
2. Craft Clear-Cut Goals That Add Meaning to Your Life
Many of us think if we have a goal in our mind then that enough to make it happen, but actually a vague goal just derail us in our overall mission. If you’re planning to get better at keep fit, or be a better leader, you will need to be much more specific.  
Say your goal out loud and honestly ask yourself if it’s clear what you are trying to do. It’s also helpful to share your goal with a trusted friend or loved one, who can become a sounding board for you to talk through your goals with. 
Once your goals are clear the next question is will you feel a sense of accomplishment and meaning when you achieve the goal? If not, it’s not the right goal. For example, you may have a very clear goal to be the market leader in your business. But if you really want to be connected to your daughter and coach her soccer team then achieving your business goal may or may not leave you feeling fulfilled. 
Examples of vague to specific goals:
1. Get in shape = does this mean lower your blood pressure, have consistent energy throughout the day, lose 15 pounds by your college reunion, or run your first 5k race?
2. Build my business = do you mean open a second store, increase revenue by 20%, or hire five new employees?
3. Spend more time with friends = do you mean have dinner once a week or schedule a four-day trip?
You see how specific you have to be, it’s like when you are affirming something into your life you have to be specific and focused! 
3. Pursue a Goal that is the biggest Priority
Your number one goals are the ones that will make the biggest impact in your life. They are the most important goals. They are not necessarily the goals that help you make the most money or get you promoted but they the goals that add a deeper sense of fulfilment to your life. 
4. Take Small Steps
Once you have a goal, break it down into small steps. Too many people think the goal setting process is over once you declare your goal–that’s when the fun starts. 
Take one small step each day and you will make amazing progress. In my opinion, we don’t have control over many things in life, but you do have control over setting a great goal.  There’s no excuse to leave your potential on the table because you did not even try. Please don’t let this year pass you by, step up to the plate and see what you can do. Small steps = big results.
5. Set a Target Date
This is hardest part of all of this, but it needs to be done. Saying that you are going to write a book or lose weight is not enough, not by a long way, its that old saying of actions speak louder than words, well its true. If you just say you’re going to do something does it actually you are going to write a book in the next five years or lose weight sometime in your lifetime?   So set a realistic date!!!!
I also think that you could team any goal setting up with daily affirmations, find and use affirmations that enhance your goal.  So if you’re a business owner you may want to say:
Each day i find new ways to improve and grow my business
I am attracting new customers everyday
I am changing lives for the better
I am constantly adding income to my ever growing business
And of course affirmations can be used not matter what goal it is you are setting for yourself, affirmations will help you build a strong mindset and will help keep your eyes on the game, team this up with goal setting and you my friend are on the road to success.
Tell me, what goals are you or have you set yourself for 2013, do you write your goals down or do you find visuals better for you?
Till next time
Bright Blessings


Pixie Willow

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