Go Naked.

3 months ago

What is the deal with me? A couple of posts ago I encouraged you to “fake it”, to fake it for the sake of your sanity, your marriage, your children, and those around you. And now, I’ve got more that I want you to do. I am going to ask you to do something some of you will think is strange. Wanna know what it is?

I want you to go naked.

I know, right? You are probably reading this and wondering “what the heck is going on with her” — first she tells me to fake it, and now she tells me to go naked…and you thought this was a family friendly site? Man… oh man.

Well, you can calm down. Take one of those chill pills that your spouse or your family always tell you to take and just hear me out on this.

Life moves so fast and it changes on a dime. In order for you to be able to successfully navigate this life and lead others, like your children who are along with you for the ride, you must be naked.

Of course, I am not literally telling you to get naked and travel the world, bare-bummed, with your children, BUT…

I would like for you to strip down — mentally and emotionally.

It’s time to get naked:

I want you to be naked in your judgments — your judgments toward yourself and toward others. I want you to approach everyone and every situation without bias, preconceived notions, or ulterior motives.

I want you to be naked in your expectations — your expectations for yourself and those you have of others. I want you to accept everyone, including yourself, and every situation, for who or what it is on the surface, to find in it appreciation, and when possible, admiration.

I want you to be naked in your opinions — you can and should have them, of course, but let them not be coated in pessimism, disdain, prejudice, or disrespect.

I want you to be naked in your appearance — not from head to toe, but I want you to be you, in the raw, your true self, not hidden under mounds of makeup or inappropriate clothes.

I want you to be naked with your spouse — not in your dress, but in your emotions. I want you to take your emotions off for your spouse, share them with your spouse, and then just be you; being you, with all of those emotions having been expressed and released.

I want you to be naked in your speech — for you to communicate without a tone. I want you to be respectful, clear, and honest with your words.

I want you to be naked in your choices — that they be made completely from the heart and the gut, without the taint of outside influence on them.

I want you to be naked in your passion — I want there to be at minimum, some innocence and naivety to your hopes and dreams, as it’s needed for them to be truly realized.

I want for you to BARE IT ALL — I believe that the best way for any of us to get the most out of life is for us to go naked — for us to be the purest version of ourselves.

So, do you think you can do this? Do you think that you can allow yourself to go naked? If getting naked would benefit you and your family and lead to greater happiness, would you do it? I think you would. I think you should.

An unknown author said that “there is beauty in all we know and beauty in all we don’t know,” but that “our journey is to love it all”. What better way to love the journey then by making it naked…

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