GMO~OMG~What the H*LL are we putting in our bodies?

5 years ago
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So California voters just voted against food labeling of gmo products.  Hmmm, makes me wonder why? In Liberalville USA, where free love runs rampant and pot smokers unite on almost every corner of San Francisco and Organic Farmers are becoming the norm, they rejected knowing what food is poisoned with gmo's.

Before the vote happened, I spoke to some people, asking if they were going to vote for it (Prop 37) and ALL of them didnt know what it was.  I explained, the labeling blah blah blah. 

"What is a gmo?"  Really? This day and age and you dont know what a gmo is?

Cotton headed ninny muggins!!

So I explain, to the best of my ability. But you can still see that they dont get it.  They dont get that they are being poisoned every time they eat a gmo.  Why? Because it hasnt been in the mainstream media.  Because the government and FDA has not told them it is bad, instead that it is safe.  They wouldnt lie, right? They are the government, they work for us.  No, wrong there, they work for big business, companies that line their pockets with all kinds of goodies..........

Anyway, if you dont know.....

The top 10 most poisoned foods are

Corn, soy, sugar,aspartame, papaya, canola, cotton, dairy, zucchini and yellow squash.

You can read fully about it here~

Corn, in myopinion is the worst, because it is injected with a poison, BT toxin, and what it does is this~ When the insects eat the corn, it causes their (insects) stomachs to EXPLODE!!!! KABLOOEY!!  But they say it is safe for human consumption.  Yep, just cant wait to get me some good gmo gut exploding corn on the cob!

The others are mostly "Round Up Ready".  This means that they are made (gmo products) to be resistant to the POISONOUS herbicide they spray to keep the weeds down.  They are made to not die from posions while everything else around them wither away to nothingness. MMMMMMMM, cant wait to feed the kids this crap.

So yea, there are lots of studies done, and Im not 100% on the numbers, but I want to say something like 75% ( I really want to say 95%, but I am just not sure) of pregnant woman have round up in their blood stream.  Dont even get me started there.  Just google it, you will find it, and it WILL make you mad.

I didnt sign up to be a guinea pig, did you?  

Another thing I would like to point out.....this Autism outbreak, just happening in the past 15 -20 years if I am not mistaken.  Gee, that is about the same time they started coming out with gmo's................just sayin.

They have told consmers that these gmo crops are needed  because they grow a better crop, a larger crop, feed the world and all that.  That is also a falsity. While the poisoned corn may have yielded a little bit more, the others failed to do so. Read here for more facts~…

And just for fun, you might want to read this too~…

Dont believe me? Google it.  Go to YouTube and type in gmo and see what comes up.  Type in Monsanto and see what comes up.  It will make you rethink what you put in your body.

Do the research yourself, it is your body.  The government doesnt care, why should they? They get paid not too.

Show those companies you dont want to be their guinea pig, buy organic or non-gmo.  The Non-GMO Project is a great place to learn more ~

Just remember, you are what you eat.

Eat organic when possible and always when gmo is involved.  Donr forget, corn syrup is most likely gmo and it is now in EVERYTHING! Read labels, empower yourself, dont let them poison you.

Stand up for yourselves, your children, and just say no to gmo!

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