The glory through the suffering...

3 years ago

Romans 8:18 says "For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us." That says so much. I used to think of the coming glory when we get to Heaven with Christ Jesus shall we see this....until tonight. As many times as I have read this scripture, it stopped me tonight and made me pause. So many times we want to rush through the pain to get over it, through it, and on to the next. Or, we try to avoid pain and suffering altogether! Let's face it, pain doesn't feel good, no one likes to suffer whether it is mentally, physically or emotionally. But let's look at this thing here: The current suffering will bring forth a great thing that He shall reveal through and in you. How amazing is that? And Who does that but God!

That very thing that seemed like was going to break you in two, cause you to lose your mind, make you want to scream, that caused endless tears to stream, that caused you to be speechless, caused you to become a recluse or go all out in ways that you cannot take back...hmmm, God is going to bring something out so great in you that will make the very suffering itself pale in comparison to it. Not on the other side, but here on this very side where others can see the very testament of His glory. Where they can see the mighty hand of God move because they know that it was nothing BUT God that moved that very thing. Or caused a no to become a yes. Or a door to open. Or a love to flourish. Or an abundance of financial overflow where there was once nothing but negative and lack! My God!

What this has shown me is to go through the process with God. He said He will never leave nor forsake us. He is right there with His mighty hand upon us. He wipes the tears. He gives the strength to get up one more day. He brings the encouragement in the midst of the discouragement. He writes and rights the wrongs, yes Lord, yes and amen to that! His perfect plan is still blooming within our lives despite what it seems like, feels like, looks like, or even smells like. So tonight, I have to thank Him for Romans 8:18 for the glory that He will bring from my greatest of pains will make the pain itself seem minute....oh we will get through it, that is the very confidence that I have in the Almighty God, His magnificent Son who died so that we can have life...and this....and the Holy Spirit that is within...

God bless,


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