The Glorious Money Tree Chapter Nine by Jennifer Jo Fay

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Chapter Nine:  Who knows what can happen before women get together for coffee, tea and a good game of Scrabble?


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The Glorious Money Tree Chapter Nine by Jennifer Jo Fay…

I have supplied a link on the side of my blog for the first chapters of the story.

It is fiction and a children's fantasy.

The story is about a little girl, Sally Driscoll who hatches a plan one day to gather coins from all of her friends to plant them to grow a money tree.  She needs to gather fairies, goblins and mermaids to help her tree grow.  All the adults give her and her friends suggestions about what they need to do.

One of them gives her a heart from a locket to plant so the tree will have love to grow.  She dreams that she is talking to the fairies and other creatures.

Then one day, tragedy strikes and she really wishes for the tree to grow the money.

This is a story for all ages as you view things through the eyes of children and relate to parents wanting to teach their children good family values, morals, goals, hopes and dreams and all the things about raising a child.

I started this novel last fall while I was still writing for Hubpages.  Another Hubster had told me a story about her mother who got all the coins from her friends.  She wanted only quarters and dimes and they planted the money into a brown paper bag and planted somewhere in their neighborhood.

Her parents were angry and made her go dig it up and give all the money back. 

My story is different except for the same idea that they gather the coins.

I plan on publishing this novel when it is done.  It's been taking a lot of time, due to the fact that I have been procrastinating on it and other novels, but came back a little while ago to write new chapters to this one.  It's progressing.  

But today, I realized I hadn't written at it since end of June.  Which means, I need to up the anti and make myself keep going with it.  I love the story.

I think the reason why adults would love it is that there is going to be a big storyline with Sally's mother too which many women will be able to relate to her.

Lara is a mother who loves her two daughters and they are her world.  She loves her husband, but she has some secrets.  And things are starting to change for her.  She will have to make some important decisions and it will effect everyone around her.

I hope to have the novel all wrapped up by sometime next year, but you know that life always gets in a writer's way.  And so do all the other projects we have lined up for ourselves.  I like to do everything that I enjoy and I can never get to all of it at once.

Jennifer Jo Fay

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