Give More This Holiday Season

6 years ago
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It is that time of year when we begin thinking about Holiday Giving, the real meaning those holidays have for us and how we can truly celebrate our spirituality, connectedness and genuine desire to aid our fellow-man. Giving almost always blesses the giver more than the recipient. So with that thought in mind, I have  some suggestions to offer:

1. Run or walk a charity race - Many 5k and longer runs benefit a charity. Your entry fee pays for your t-shirt, race coordination, and, in part, contributes to the charity.

2. When you pay cash, save your change and put it in a jar - Save it for a month, and then donate the proceeds. Alternatively keep it in a baggie in your car. I empty my change every single time I walk by a red kettle.

3. EBay - Go through your closet, dress or basement, everybody has something to sell. no doubt there is someone out there who will want it. Donate the money to your favorite charity.

4. Sponsor someone - School walk-a-thon, community car wash, charity event, animal shelter fundraiser, whatever. This way you get to help them reach their goal and contribute to something bigger.

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5.Institute a luxury tax - Every time you go out to dinner, to the theater or other entertainment, set aside 20% of the amount you spend and donate it.

6. Buy extra - Every once in a while when you buy staples at the grocery store, buy two of everything and donate to a food pantry, church or shelter.There is always a need.

7. Empty your closet and the kids' toy box - If you haven't worn it or played with it this year, donate it to someone who will.

8. Do your shopping online and support sites that make a difference - You get a nice gift, the people who made it earn a living. Try WorldWomenWorkGreaterGood or WomenforWomen.

9. Give a larger than normal tip to a service worker, salon worker or waitress, especially if you know they have small children!

10. Buy gifts for children or families in need - Many times you can team with a church or organization to help provide a Christmas dinner and gifts for struggling families.

Whatever you choose, you will receive more from the giving than they will. Trust me on this...

Question everything, move forward, enjoy the journey.

And remember if you want assistance, I can help with that…What I do!

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