Getting All Medieval (with Borax)

Yeah, it's about time.  After I tossed most of the fumes causing, headache awakening cleaning products in the Product Purge of '12 here, I still needed something hardcore for removing things like soap scum, hard water, and plain ol' dirty grime.  Like a lot of other greener things I'm learning, sometimes we have to take a step back- and in this case, it's going old school aka getting all medieval on the bathtub and bathroom sinks.

Pinterest suggested and has some proven bloggers' commentary about the effects of Borax on grimy things.  It took me only an extra minute to find a box of 20 Mule Team, hiding out in the laundry aisle.

And if you flip the box over (sorry- no blurry cell pics I forgot), it's got a long list of usefulness and where it comes in handy for baby clothes, bathrooms, even kitchens.  I was all for the non-fumes part, and I didn't find any of those scary poisonous skull and crossbones warning labels on there.  But would it clean better- actually clean (not with abrasiveness like baking soda only seems to do), that layer of yuck in my tub?

Grimy?  You might have to squint just a tad, because of my phone flash (yes, I still need a real handy dandy camera- it's on my Christmas wish list already).  But there is definitely a grayed, dingy, grimy, ring around my tub.  So again, I went all medieval and Cinderella by grabbing a big scrubber brush.  The box instructions say you can wipe on the borax with a damp cloth- but I've heard that before, and there's no way I'm going to clean the tub twice in case the first round goes array.

Its pretty heavy duty- and has been sitting in my garage for a bit, so I haven't a clue where it came from.  I wet the tub, wet the brush, and sprinkled some borax all around.  Then I lightly scrubbed (no real elbow grease put in, I just wasn't ready to attempt breaking a sweat on a pretty Sunday), then left it to set for about an hour.

Scratch that. I actually forgot about it (t.v. time was calling while kids were napping or enjoying "quiet" time) and came back two hours later.  Rinsed it and scrubbed a tad more.  Then ¡viola!

I promise it's not a lighting trick (and my phone isn't that fancy), it's CLEAN!  Not too much work, and ZERO fumes and weird streaked lines through the soap scum.  Truly #winning against my bathroom tub.  I had bought a fancy greener shower curtain (I hope our last cheap-o one wasn't PVC made, but I honestly don't have a clue it was so old) from BB&B.

I don't like the darker shower curtains, so I go either with a lighter, see-through (but not totally see through, more like a frosted look- I don't want a full on peep show) design, or one picture on a light background.  We have a tiny bathroom, and I just can't commit to a white fabric curtain no matter how crisp and pretty it is.

There you have it, I killed two birds with one stone (still staying medieval here) with the Borax and the pvc-free shower curtain.  Have you tried cleaning your tub with anything apart from an aerosol can?  What's worked?  What required too much work?

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