Gays Run the World

7 years ago

“It always seemed to me a bit pointless to disapprove of homosexuality.  It’s like disapproving of rain.”  ~Francis Maude

It is March 2011.  March Madness is in full swing.  There has been a brief resurgence of winter around the country after enjoying beautiful spring weather for a couple of weeks; but not to worry, warmer temps are on their way back.  American Idol is in full swing, with the numbers getting smaller and smaller with young, bright-eyed hopefuls.  Spring Break has come and gone.  Kids and parents alike are planning for summer, for school to be out and vacation to be on yet again.  Parents-to-be are anticipating new arrivals later in the year.  Life is happening, all around us, every day.

Even life for gays, lesbians, and transgender people.  Ohmygod yes, these folks DO have lives – NORMAL, everyday lives – just like anyone else.  They pay their mortgages, the raise children, they go to work, they plan vacations – and they fight for their rights to have and do all of the same things that their hetero counterparts are privileged to have.  Every time there has been a victory, it seems that there are two more backsteps just waiting in the wings.  Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was struck down as unconstitutional – a victory by all appearances – happened months ago, yet soldiers are still being discharged under the ridiculous policy.  Television shows like GLEE and Grey’s Anatomy have crossed gender and sexual boundaries by introducing gay & lesbian characters, and allowing them to explore their relationships in their series without shame or ridicule.  Legislation like ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) is still stalled out within the biased seats of Congress.  Our president has declared that DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) is also unconstitutional, and has said that it will no longer be defended in court – but he still has not ended it.  The opposition to these basic legal rights and protections, as well as same-sex marriage, is still holding strong against the LGBT community.  Well known figures such as Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump will blatantly and publicly announce that they don’t believe that gay people should have any rights, proving to the world their levels of ignorance.  But don’t they know, don’t they realize, that gays run the world?

Let’s think about how these two idiots, as well as the hordes of others like them, would function in their world without the presence of a gay or two.

  • They would need to likely give up their hairdresser – we all know that the chances are pretty high that theirs is a gay male.
  • They would need to give up air travel for sure, as well as cruises and hotel stays.  Oh, and travel agencies as well.
  • They would need to give up shopping in fine jewelry stores.
  • They would need to give up fine dining, and probably the majority of stopping at their local coffee shop for some java and a scone.
  • They would need to give up any kind of need for interior design at their various homes and businesses; as well as any kind of personal clothing design.
  • They would be limited as to what kind of establishment that they patron to purchase shoes, or gifts for their very heterosexual marriages (even if it is their third, fourth, or fifth).
  • They would have to forego furnishing their self-designed homes and offices with the finest of art.
  • They would have to come up with clever new ways to show their affection for their wives, because they would have to give up using their local florist down the street.
  • They would have to only frequent large, chain bookstores; and stay away from the small, eclectic place around the corner – the one with the also gay coffee bar.
  • They would have to exclusively use opposite gender massage therapists – just to be sure.

The list could go on for a while, I am sure.  I wholeheartedly believe that if all of these people who stand so defiantly against LGBT citizens having the same rights as them were to give up every business that is run by LGBT, then they would see that they have been sending hypocritical messages to the world all along.  When many of the LGBT discover that a particular business is anti-gay, the typical reaction is to stop giving them our money.  When our community discovered that Target stores have given large donations to a very anti-gay campaign in Minnesota, the reaction was far and wide with boycotts and protests.  Sure, I LOVE me some Target – but we all have to take a stand sometime, somewhere.  I know that my wife and I are just two small individuals – but if a ton of individuals all take the same stand, then ultimately it will affect the bottom line.  When the LGBT community found out that Chik-Fil A restaurants, which are Christian owned, support anti-gay policies and people, there was a mass boycott of the restaurant around the country.  As much as we love that place, too, we won’t go there.  But you know what?  It feels good to be able to say that we won’t go there and this is the reason why – and I would tell management in those establishments as well.  Maybe if we all stop throwing our money at the haters, then they will gradually – little by little – realize that we’re here, we’re just like them, and we’re NOT going away.


Be the change that you want to be in the world. ~ Gandhi

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