Gasoline and the Environment

4 years ago

ID-1006626We have all heard that gasoline is bad for the environment but how does it affect you? I write this post because today, I woke up to the maintainance man pounding on my door. He had told me that gas was pouring out of my father in-law’s truck. Well turns out that my wife had someone put gas in the truck, in the wrong tank. The back tank leaks. It was a very frustrating morning, but a very good learning experience. The important thing to take away from this is to stay smart. If you car is leaking gas, catch as much of the falling gas that you can. Do not start the car, use a match or lighter, or flares. The fumes of the gas could ignite if around a hot enough source or a good spark. Giving you a very bad day. In the next paragraph I will go through the steps on cleaning up gasoline. Remember, stay smart.

Gasoline for one will kill your plants, grass, and pretty much anything it gets on.  If you do have a gas leak, contain and stop the leak. Often times lawnmowers or cars will be the cause of gasoline spills and leaks. If you have a gas tank that is leaking, put a container to catch the gas. Make sure that if you use a plastic container that it is made of High Density polyurethane or HDPE. These are your harder plastics. The weak plastics such as garbage bags, or plastic cups will turn into a gel. The gasoline will eat right through them. If you do not plan on using the gasoline again, save yourself a step and fill the container with sand, or kitty litter, or sawdust. All of these will absorb the gasoline, and make clean up much easier.
If you can not catch the gas, or it is already on the ground, spread your sand, kitty litter, or sawdust on the ground to help soak up the gasoline. After a few hours you can use a broom to sweep this up, and put it in a hard plastic container. Call your fire department (DO NOT USE 911! If this is a big gas leak then do use 911, but if it is not in danger of catching fire, or more than 5 gallons I would suggest calling as a non-emergency.) to ask where you can dispose of it. It will not do anyone any good if you just throw it in the dumpster. If there is a lot of gasoline, like 4 or five gallons, call you fire department so they can give you advice, and probably supply you with a chemical compound that will congeal the gasoline, and make it an easier, safer clean up.
Make sure that respond right away to spilled gasoline. When fossil fuels seep into the ground they can contaminate ground water. If you live out in the country this could mean the health and safety of your family, and maybe your neighbors. If you are unsure, on how to fix the problem, call the professionals. Make sure though that if you do call the fire department that you do not use 911. Make sure to tell them that it is a non-emergency and ask for help. Even some power companies can help you out with this. Gasoline can and will kill your plants, and grass if it comes in contact with them. Gasoline, can poison drinking water, and harm any lives stock that graze on the spill area. I hope this helps.
Stay Smart, and thank you for reading.

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