Galatians 5: Love over Law

Galatians 5: 6-8, 12-15

I believe the reality of Christianity is:

God’s grace should drive you to do right, not to try to fulfill a set of prohibitive guidelines as a test of perfect Christianity. It isn’t about separating ourselves from those whom we disagree or judging people who don’t believe the same as we do (1 Corinthians 5:9-13). When we separate ourselves and judge as though we live in perfection, we reduce our ability to draw people to the truth of the gospel. The regulations of man only work to distance the very people Christ wants. Christ never once advocated the type of exclusion and division we see. People cannot witness the beauty and freedom of the gospel of Christ through rhetoric and judgment.

Loved By God

Salvation should move us to see the heart of God in others and respond as Christ would. Instead of looking at everyone, that doesn’t match our reflection and try to cross them off the welcome list. I often wonder how we would treat Jesus Christ if he showed up on the scene today. By today’s ministry standards, we would be more likely to kick Jesus right out of the church.

1.) His televangelist ministry would have never taken off in the American appearance obsessed society since He wasn’t considered particularly attractive(Isaiah 53:2)

2.) Most Christians would have avoided hanging out with Christ because He accepted the lowest people in society, hung out and ate with all the wrong people (Luke 7:37, Mark 2:15)(You know the ones we look at strange when they come to church all wrong, dressed in club clothes or don’t know the proper church etiquette

3.) He was a homeless, vagabond, wanderer (Matthew 8:20 & Luke 9:58) (Without the great transportation or fly crib, He couldn’t promote the prosperity gospel. Instead, he would probably told he lacked faith)

4.) Jesus reprimanded the everyone who walked around pointing fingers or looking down on “sinners” (Matthew 16:6-12)

If only we would keep to the word of God and not allow the addition of our own preferences get in the way perhaps we could see more progress in the church. We pretend to have it all together forgetting that people don’t need to be preached at, people need ministry. People need to know what were we healed, delivered, or brought from by having Christ as our savior. People need our story, not our perfection. Most people already know they have weaknesses, faults, and failings and certainly do not need our judgments. The entire purpose for Christ’s sacrifice is love. We are to replicate His purpose not our own, or anyone else’s. Besides, if we can’t draw someone to Christ in the ways, we treat and love others; we really don’t have anything to preach about anyway, do we? 


Additional scripture reference: 1Corinthians 5:9-10

Scripture References: NKJV: Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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